Promotion Council

2009/2010 academic year The RISEBA Promotion Council in Business and Economics has been established in 2009. The members of Promotion Council are the experts recognized by the Latvian Science Council in the relevant field of science from several higher education institutions.


The RISEBA University of Applied Sciences Promotion Council in the field of Economics and Business. Its operation is regulated by the Regulations of the Promotion Council, the Law on Scientific Activity, Cabinet of Ministers 27.12.2005. Regulation No. 1001 “Criteria for awarding (promotion) a doctoral degree” and the Cabinet of Ministers 27.12.2005. Regulation No. 1000 “Regulations on Delegation of Doctoral Degree (Promotion) Rights to Higher Education Institutions”.

The Promotion Council accepts doctoral theses for examination, equates the academic activity of a scientific degree applicant with the requirements of the doctoral study program, evaluates doctoral dissertations, ensures public defense of doctoral theses and awarding of degrees and ensures post-defense procedure.

Chairman of the Council: Andrejs Cirjevskis, Professor of RISEBA 

Council members:

Prof. Ingrīda Jakušonoka (LLU)
Prof. Ilmārs Kreituss (RISEBA)

Prof. Iveta Ludviga (RISEBA)

Prof. Svetlana Saksonova (LU)

Prof. Arnis Sauka (SSE Riga)
Prof. Tatjana Vasiļjeva (RISEBA)

Prof. Tatjana Volkova (BA)

Prof. Andra Zvirbule (LLU)

Secretary of the Council: Vulfs Kozlinskis, Professor em., RISEBA

Promotion Council Regulations. Pdf