RISEBA Scientific Committee

The RISEBA Scientific Committee is the collegiate institution of RISEBA scientists and researchers. The Scientific Committee manages and coordinates scientific research activity at RISEBA. The Committee has the following functions: to approve the research plans of the scientific fields and/ or lead researchers and monitor their implementation; to examine applications for scientific research projects; to supervise, coordinate and monitor approved RISEBA scientific projects; to consider, discuss and approve components of PHD Thesis development in RISEBA doctoral programmes; to approve the plan of scientific and methodological work to be published by RISEBA and analyze its implementation; to approve the RISEBA scientific conference plan and supervise its implementation; to consider and prepare drafts of regulatory documents within the Committee’s competence for submission for the Senate; to elect scientists to academic positions.

RISEBA Scientific committee members:

Chairman of the Committee: Tatjana Vasiljeva, Rector, Professor

Members of the Comittee: 

Andrejs Cirjevskis, Professor 

Vulfs Kozlinskis, Doctoral study programme directir, Professor em. 

Ilmars Kreituss, Vice-Rector for Studies, Professor 

Iveta Ludviga, Director of master's study programs, Professor 

Anatolijs Prohorovs, Professor                                                                                                

Lucija Rutka, Head of Business Department, Professor 

Irina Sennikova, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Bachelor study programme director, Professor

Maija Zakrizevska-Belogrudova, Professor                                                                               

Ivita Faitusa, Head of the Economics and Finance Department, Director of master study programme 

Janis Holsteins, Head of the Audiovisual Media Arts Department, Director of the Bachelor’s Programme, Director of the Master’s Programme, Assistant professor 

Inguna Romanova, Head of the Language Department, Lecturer

Glorija Sarkane, Head of the Advertising and Public Relations Department, Director of the Bachelor’s Programme and of the Master’s Programme, Researcher

Secretary of the Dcientific Comittee: Anna Strazda

RISEBA Scientific Committee regulations.pdf