Books and monographs

RISEBA University of Applied sciences regularly publishes scientific monographs and books, which are available to students, academic staff and interested parties from outside. All RISEBA publications are available in the RISEBA library, as well as several of them are available online. In total, since 2013, RISEBA has published more than 15 monographs.

• Business Meets Art (Sc. Ed. I.Senņikova, T.Vasiļjeva)

• Corporate income tax in Latvia and Estonia (A.Prohorovs)

• Secrets of Talented Thinking (J.Mašošins)

• National Library of Latvia (J.Dripe)

• Adaptive management for trade enterprises (Sc .ed. V.Hrosul)

• Supervision in Latvia (Sc.ed. M. Zakriževska-Belogrudova)

• et al.


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