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From 19 October to 20 October, the Emerging Technologies Short Film Festival ‘Riga Digital Forum 18’ will take place in Riga, at the Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6, organised by the University of Business, Arts and Technology ‘RISEBA’ and ‘Telia Latvija’, which is the first of its kind in the Baltic states, with the intention to promote the newest audiovisual cinema technology. During the event, short film competition winners across 10 nominations will be awarded and several activities will be held, such as creative workshops, master classes, lectures and panels. Similarly, the newest drone models and devices for 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video recording will be displayed at the festival.


With new technologies emerging and existing ones gradually improving, audiovisual content creators gain access to broader possibilities in depicting their intended stories and achieving their desired goals; surpassing the borders of traditional cinematography and integrating the most topical tendencies in their creative work. Relevant knowledge, skills and a completely fresh, innovative approach are necessary for story creation. Becoming acquainted with and adopting new technology is important not only to enthusiasts of the field, but also professionals – with drone tech becoming more accessible, amateur cinema operators with the appropriate experience are capable of capturing sequences, that even experts in the field couldn’t possibly capture using a camera and complementary devices. However, technological advances are not related to just audiovisual content creators – viewers are also gaining access to new ways of how to watch and immerse themselves – with VR tech becoming cheaper and higher quality, just about anyone can choose which perspective to view a film from.


These modern film art and other factors will be expounded and discussed in depth, and every RDF visitor will have the opportunity to see specific devices in practice during the various activities of this festival. Both national and foreign experts will participate in the event, who will illustrate the utilisation of the newest cinematography tech and its developmental nuances, from an economic as well as content creating point of view. Additionally, during day two of the festival, visitors will be entertained by drone races, organised in collaboration with ‘Drone Racing Latvia’.


Anyone who is interested still has the chance to submit their audiovisual work until 22 September under one of the competition’s three categories: 360-degree VR, Drone or the Open category. The author of the best short film will receive the Grand Prix prize of 1000 euros to help further advance their professional endeavours. ‘Enormous interest in participating in this competition is a testament of the topicality of its goals. The deadline for submitting films will arrive in a few days, but more than 1000 video works have been submitted from all over the world already,’ says Jānis Holšteins, Dean of the Media and Communication Faculty of the University of Business, Arts and Technology ‘RISEBA’.


You can get acquainted with the competitors’ submitted works and vote for them on the project’s homepage: www.rdf.lv.

RDF event is open to the public with no entrance fee.


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