RISEBA Clothes Swap Party

The ladies constantly notice that the purchased dress has been worn only once in a lifetime and it is not certain whether it will be worn again, because we are attached to some clothes at a certain stage in our lives. But everything changes and how Latvian poet  Rainis has said "What changes, endures.".  Also, maybe you have a book that you have already read and you are sure that someone else will find it useful in his life. We can even mention the old records, they have a high value, listen to "Led Zeppelin", "The Beatles", or a selection of Latvian composer Raimonds Pauls songs? Maybe for someone the vinyl plates are useful as an interior element? 

Therefore, we invite all our students of the "RISEBA", to come and participate in the "RISEBA clothes swap party", which will take place on April 27, 2022, in the administrative building of the University at Meža Street 3, auditorium No. 103, on 1st floor. 

Valērijs Dombrovskis


"For people, things quickly lose their meaning, people cling to memories, to the past. Your memories will not go away, so that the thing you bring will bring joy to others. And for something new to come into your life, you always have to make room for that new one."

says the Director of the bachelor's study programme Business Psychology, Mg. Psych. Valērijs Dombrovskis 


Valērijs Dombrovskis works as well as  "RISEBA", University of Applied Sciences.lecturer in following study courses -  Civil Defense, Psychological Aspects of Group Management, Psychological Aspects of Professional Communication and Psychology 

During the event you will have the opportunity to meet both with the representatives of RISEBA Eco Council and RISEBA Student Council, maybe you are also interested in getting involved in one of these institutions and contributing to the life of students, taking care of nature and the environment?


Eco Council 2022


Eco council 2022