RISEBA Creative Business Incubator looking forward to 7th season!

The sixth season at RISEBA Creative Business Incubator (RBI) closed in June this year. The incubator consisted of 11 teams that developed their business ideas in areas related to restoration, tourism, jewelry, catering, design and other creative skills.

As of every year, Incubator participants were given the opportunity to get advice from out-source design thinking, digital marketing, sales expert and financial experts. This year there were also a wide number of open guest lectures in collaboration with the Creative Business incubator, which, is a great way for anyone interested to meet the guest lecturers, learn something new and ask questions about topics that are important to themselves.

The incubator is supported annually by a professional and reliable couch team – Jolanta Jansone, Rita Sprindžuka, Dace Andersone and Jeva Karabeško, whom we say great thanks for their support and the ability to adapt to advising different business developers. The support of mentors was given according to business ideas, so this year's mentors, ready to engage in and advise, were Jānis Prūsis, Čārlzs Bušmans, Edgars Plešs, Aleksandrs Zelinskis, Sigvards Krongorns, Liene Pērkone and also head of incubator Iveta Cīrule.

“Every year in fall, when teams are captured, there is a spark in the eyes of the participants. By the end of the season, only the most determined still keeps that spark. I would like to remind to my members and other business idea developers that the end of the business incubator season does not end up developing the idea. It is a dynamic and endless process that needs to be indulged in. I have concluded that the incubation period is an opportunity to every individual to test entrepreneurial capacity, to understand their borders and to “feed” their ambitions – how far I can go, what I want to achieve, how much I am prepared to do for the maximum development of my ideas. I am happy to see anyone who is active not only until the end of the season, but also after it. And we are expecting our own members as guest lecturers who share their success stories,” commented Iveta Cīrule, head of the Creative Business incubator.

Call for application for the seventh season will be announced at the end of August this year, in early September – so follow-up of the RISEBA home page and the social network pages so not to miss your big chance!
Reminder that the incubator will also welcome past tree year graduates of RISEBA to develop their own business ideas in the new season.  RISEBA graduates are also invited to participate - share their experience and advice in supporting incubator teams, becoming a mentor or held a guest lecture.

RISEBA Creative Business Incubator has been working since 2013 with the aim of providing RISEBA students and graduates with the opportunity to develop their business, creative and social entrepreneurship ideas.

Information prepared by RISEBA Creative Business incubator



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