RISEBA Eco Council news: new members; film discussion evening; how to save energy


See you at the movie night

On January 27, everyone is invited to a discussion about the film, which depicts - how to survive 1 day with 1 dollar. Let's discuss the problem of world poverty.

About the film

According to our Green Action Plan 2022 January is dedicated to the first sustainable development goal: No Poverty! On January 27 Eco Council invites you to watch some pieces of the movie “Living on a dollar” together and discussing of the poverty problem all around the world. "Living on One Dollar" is a film and journey that follows young men own experience living on $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala. We will invite you to discuss the solutions: how we, students of European higher educational institution, can help those in need.


When and where

See you on January 27 at 7 PM (LV time) on Zoom, connect HERE.

Event language: English.

New members of RISEBA Eco Council

Laura Eglite


Student of the master's programme "International Business"

"I believe that each of us is able to change the usual things, change our habits and beliefs to improve the quality of nature and life. I believe that this can be done in an easy and understandable way. It does not require large investments, but the adaptation of processes and ideas and the understanding of processes. We can be healthy and we can make the environment sustainable and healthy! It is also necessary to see the benefits that come with it, which generally improves the well-being of everyone's life. Let's start with the little things. By doing it together, everything can be done!"

Arina Cicko


Student of the bachelor's programme "Business Psychology"

"I join the RISEBA Eco Council because I want to protect our ecosystem."

Karthik Gangadharaiah 


Student of the master’s programme International Business

"I am into RISEBA Eco Council to bring about environmental change and a sustainable growth for the present and future generations."

8 ways to to help save energy

Pratick Dey 


Student of the master’s programme International Business

"I remember since my younger days, how my father would remind me to switch off all lights and electronic tools when leaving a room, once done. To never waste any electricity. I think those teachings were always in me, but they have started to come out in my mid-20s.

Given the rise in the global energy crisis, I feel it is essential that I contribute to the solution and not the problem. Since then I've been practising a few small and easy habits. Such as running laundry only when the machine is at full capacity, turning off the faucet of water when not using, and a few more are listed below.

Please go through these and try to implement these habits in your lives. The contribution of each individually globally is how the change in the world takes place."


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