ERASMUS study programme celebrates its 30 years. This year is no different to any other - many students from all over Europe are using the opportunity given by ERASMUS to experience Latvia while studying at RISEBA. Our students have gone to 8 countries for their ERASMUS + experience Cyprus, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, and Marocco. It is not too late to apply for ERASMUS + you could be on your way in the spring. You can apply until 29 September.

Get a sneak peak on how our students are doing and maybe we will see your ERASMUS + story soon enough.

Apply now!

Alise, Cyprus

"Piedzīvots neliels kultūršoks, ļoti daudz karstuma un pirmās dienas ir bijušas lieliskas.Lai arī vietējie Kiprā ir ļoti izpalīdzīgi un draudzīgi, Erasmus studenti ir vēl atvērtāki un draudzīgāki. Es jūtu, ka šajā programmā iegūšu ļoti daudz jaunu draugu un paplašināšu savu redzesloku internacionāli."

"I had a small cultural shock but despite the heat, the first years have been great. The locals are open and friendly, but students from the ERASMUS programmes beat them in this department. I can fell that this will give me a chance to make a lot of new friends and to widen my view internationaly."

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Zane, Portugal


"First impressions are very positive, the city is grand and we still feel a bit lost. University is great and we hope that we will manage without all of the business lectures for a while. We all have settled closer or further."


Regna, Italy

"The academic staff is amazing and are doing the best to their ability to make us feel right at home. Everything is great and we are glad to be here. The city (Brescia, Italy) is very beautiful and it is packed with great people, food, everything!"


Sintija, Maroka

"The welcome team is very is very supportive and intriguing. I fell well taken care of. Studies are well on their way. I am doing my best to enjoy the culture, the country, the food and people!'"