RISEBA launches initiative to provide psychological support to Ukrainians affected by the war.

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RISEBA launches initiative to provide psychological support to Ukrainians affected by the war

RISEBA University employees, teaching staff, graduates and partners are launching a new initiative - The Latvian Ukrainian Psychological Support Network, which aims to provide both psychological support to the war-affected Ukrainians and a mentoring network for Ukrainian refugees in Latvia.

“Having helped several people and families who have already arrived from Ukraine, we see the importance of not only extensive psychological support due to their experience, but also the practical support, such as how and where to look for a job, how to start or continue studies, etc. These are issues that we, as higher education professionals and as citizens of Latvia, understand very well and can immediately help with. Latvian Ukrainian Psychological Support Network will actively offer assistance to several target groups through different channels. We ask anyone in need of help for themselves or a fellow person to contact us on the crisis helpline +371 209 00 209, or on the website www.helpua.lv”, says the author of the support idea Aija Brūvere, RISEBA Career Development Centre Manager, mentor and positive psychology specialist.

Rector of RISEBA University Tatjana Vasiļjeva points out: “It is very important for our university to take part in supporting the people of Ukraine, because RISEBA is an international university where students from Ukraine have always studied and are currently studying. From the news in the media and our students' stories about their relatives' experiences, we can see that psychological support is just as important as material support. War experiences will affect the lives of all these people. We can help to facilitate the refugees' journey in Latvia, as well as to provide psychological and emotional support, which is also very much needed.”

Latvian Ukrainian Psychological Support Network will operate in three directions:

1) Practical support for Ukrainians who have already arrived and are yet to arrive in Latvia, providing an opportunity for a person or a family from Ukraine to connect to a specific support person or mentor from Latvia. This provides direct and immediate help, even on purely practical matters: how to deal with various formalities (documents, doctors); where and what to buy; a lift if needed.

2) Remote psychological support for people living in Ukraine and those who are on their way or have already arrived in Latvia. It will be implemented by Ukrainian psychology students using remote communication tools (such as social networks and chat systems) and the crisis helpline +371 209 00 209. The ability to communicate in Ukrainian is very important for this aspect of the support, which is why Ukrainian psychology students have been recruited to provide support. Latvian Ukrainian Psychological Support Network will provide these students with crisis intervention training, a support person (supervisor) from Latvia and communication devices for unlimited data and calls provided by BITE Latvija. Students will receive a scholarship for their work in providing psychological support. It will be provided thanks to cooperation with the RTU Development Fund, where companies are welcomed to donate with the aim “Latvijas psiholoģiskā atbalsta tīkls Ukrainai”.

3) Providing psychological assistance also to Latvian residents working in Ukrainian support groups - those collecting and sorting supplies, drivers and other volunteers, as well as those who are already hosting and will host refugees. “These are people who have been working hard for the last few weeks and are now starting to burn out, so we will start by forming supervision groups to support and strengthen them”, says Aija Brūvere.


RISEBA teaching staff and graduates - mentors, coaches and supervisors - will work in the psychological support group free of charge, while the university will provide the necessary premises and distance learning opportunities. The support team that is already investing their time and knowledge to make this support network happen consists of well known Latvian psychologists, coaches and supervisors. RISEBA teaching staff and graduates among them are: Aija Brūvere, Kristīne Balode, Inese Ruka, Jeva Karabeško, Lūcija Rutka, Valērijs Dombrovskis, Ance Saulīte.


We thank our cooperation partners for support and practical help: telecommunications company Bite Latvija, Ideaport and Webmultishop; the RTU Development Fund, the association RISEBA Alumni and the association "Tavi Draugi" are also helping to implement this project.


Your company can also become a supporter of Ukrainian students, who will in turn support others in need, and receive tax allowances, since the RTU Development Fund is a public benefit organisation.


Receiver of the donation: Nodibinājums “Rīgas Tehniskās universitātes Attīstības fonds”
Registration number: 40008067097
Aim of the donation: Latvijas psiholoģiskā atbalsta tīkls ukraiņiem

Bank accounts for donations: 
AS “SEB banka”: LV35UNLA0050001320294 (SWIFT UNLALV2X002)
AS “Swedbank”: LV44HABA0551032123394 (SWIFT HABALV22)

Find more information and ways to support this project here: www.helpua.lv  



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