RISEBA – the only university in the Baltic states to obtain EDAMBA member status

In September of 2018, University RISEBA was admitted to the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration.

EDAMBA – European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration is an international non-profit organisation established in 1991, in order to promote closer cooperation between doctoral study programmes in business, thus

  • providing a platform for exchanging research information,
  • supporting common scientific research,
  • helping member universities of the association to enhance the quality of research in doctoral study programmes, while simultaneously maintaining a European focus and promoting diversity.

Every year, EDAMBA also offers the following to its members:

  • EDAMBA Winter Academy for doctoral students and doctoral supervisors;
  • EDAMBA Summer Research Academy (since 1992),
  • EDAMBA Doctoral Thesis Competition (since 2003),
  • frequent meetings, exchange of experience.

Currently there are 26 EDAMBA members from all over the world; University RISEBA is the only admitted university from the Baltic states: http://www.edamba.eu/r/default.asp?iId=GKFHDI

RISEBA Vice Rector for Research, Professor Tatjana Vasiļjeva states: “This is without a doubt a great new step-up in the development of research of University RISEBA. In order to enhance the quality of scientific research papers and doctoral studies, we have done a great deal to improve our Doctoral Study Programme “Business Management”. By entering EDAMBA, doctoral students and supervisors of University RISEBA will be able to significantly expand the network of researchers-associates, perform mutual research as a part of international projects and participate in a prestigious annual competition of dissertations.”

More about EDAMBA: http://www.edamba.eu/r/default.asp?iId=GHMKJE