RISEBA Rector Tatjana Vasiljeva has passed away

Just a gentle radiance remains of memories,

Like the traces of sunset on a beach,

You’re going to where time will stop,

With no more pain, worries, or sorrows.


Dr. oec. Tatiana Vasiļjeva 
Professor, rector
9 October 1955 – 18 May 2022.

Tatjana Vasiļjeva

We announce with profound sadness that rector of RISEBA University, professor Dr. oec. Tatjana Vasiļjeva, has passed away.

We extend our deepest condolences to Tatjana Vasiļjeva’s family and friends, as well as colleagues and students who knew, respected and loved Tatjana.

The rich personality of Tatiana Vasiļjeva was, is and will remain an indelible part of the memories of university staff, students, colleagues, and partners. Always intelligent, accurate, driven, and personable, she passionately loved her job and saw education as her true of calling.

Professor Dr. oec. Tatjana Vasiļjeva was the rector of RISEBA University of Applied Sciences from 30 July 2020 to 18 May 2022.

Tatjana Vasiļjeva worked at RISEBA since October 2011, when she became the head of Information Technology and Mathematics, as well as the head of the E-Business undergraduate programme. In 2013, prof Vasiļjeva took the position as the vice-rector for research, becoming a professor in 2017. In 2020 she was elected rector of RISEBA. In addition to her administrative work at RISEBA, prof Vasiļjeva taught study courses on the digitisation of business processes and research methods, and advised master and doctoral theses.

Tatjana Vasiļjeva was a highly skilled professional who, before joining the university staff, worked for many years as the head of the Information Systems Development Department at SEB Bank.

RISEBA expresses its gratitude to prof Vasiļjeva for her contribution to the growth and development of science. Her research interests were related to the digitisation of business, and the use of e-learning environments, methods and tools in education. Prof Vasiļjeva was invited to work as a member of the international editorial committees of a number of international scientific conferences, and she authored more than 20 scientific publications.

Tatjana Vasiljeva was an individual member of the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA); she was included in the database of international independent experts for European research and innovation; she was a reviewer of the State Scientific Qualifications Commission, a Latvian Council of Science expert, a member of the Latvian Association of University Professors, and a member of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA) Executive Committee.

Tatiana was also passionate about sports, playing tennis, downhill skiing, swimming, and loved classical music and literature.


The remembrance event for rector, professor Dr. oec. Tatjana Vasiljeva will take place at 10:00 on Saturday, 21 May 2022, in the Great Hall, at Durbes iela 4, Riga.

Tatjana Vasiļjeva