RISEBA University of Applied Sciences

RISEBA in Brief

RISEBA University of Applied Sciences is a university type private higher educational institution fully accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia.

Being one of the first private higher education institutions in Latvia, today RISEBA is among 10 largest higher education institutions in Latvia (both public and private) with almost 3000 students, including 200 international students, who attend 22 study programmes of different levels and directions, and more than 12 500 alumni.

Over the last two decades, RISEBA has gone through a substantial transformation from a small ambitious business school to the university that provides, in addition to business and management programmes, studies in communications, audiovisual media arts and architecture, thus transforming the institution into “the place where business meets art”.

RISEBA stands out from the other higher education institutions as the one having clear international focus and is distinguished by the exclusivity of the study programmes offered and variety of languages of instruction. 
RISEBA provides programmes which are either unique in the market or were first introduced to the market by RISEBA. It is one of the few institutions that offer full degree programmes in three languages – Latvian, English and Russian.

RISEBA is spread across five sites: three buildings of RISEBA main campus are located in Riga (the capital city), one regional branch is based in Daugavpils (the second largest city in Latvia).

Guided by its vision RISEBA comprises three major academic components or schools:

  • School of Business with Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes, which cover the areas of business, management and economics
  • School of Media and Communication with Bachelor and Master programmes in arts and communications
  • School of Architecture and Design, which currently offers an Undergraduate programme and Postgraduate programme in Architecture.

RISEBA is an inter-disciplinary, multicultural university providing the global labour market with intelligent, creative and independent thinking individuals. RISEBA stands for excellent education, internationally recognised degrees, high quality of graduates, excellent research base and highly qualified staff.

RISEBA is the only higher education establishment in Baltics that has been accredited by both EFMD and EPAS.


Address: Meza iela 3, Riga, LV - 1048, Latvia
Telephone: +371 67 500 265
Fax +371 67 500 252
E-mail: [email protected]

Высшая школа бизнеса, искусств и технологий (RISEBA)
Высшая школа бизнеса, искусств и технологий (RISEBA)
Высшая школа бизнеса, искусств и технологий (RISEBA)