Seven basic principles of event organization

On 5 April, at 16.00 pm, RISEBA University (3 Meža St., 25th auditory) will organize an open guest lecture about event organization. The lecture will be led by the event organizer, stage designer and stage producer, a representative and manager of various artists - Gee Ilze Eriņa ( known as Gee between event organizers, artists and art professionals).

During the lecture “Seven basic principles of event organization” Gee will share her experience of 28 years in fashion, art and music projects in Latvia, Russia, and Europe and around the world.

She will talk about the nuances of:

- planning,
- idea implementation,
- teamwork,
- event presentation,
- the scenario.
You will be able to find out
- about decision making,
- the conditions and factors influencing the work,
- for technical details,
- as well as find out about the organizational point of view of certain well-known events,
- and get answers to questions you care about.

Gee Team Production is a company engaged in full service backstage and stage production fashion, art, music, festivals, catering, transportation etc.)

Gee Ilze Eriņa