The objective of the academic master study programme Big Data Analytics is to provide studies that correspond to the newest technological solutions, recommendations of professional organisations and the demand from IT and ICT companies, banks, trade and public sectors for specialists in the new Big Data analysis field, as well as to prepare highly skilled and competitive specialists for the Latvian and global labour market.

Benefits of the programme

  • The only programme in Latvia offering to study Big Data analytics in the field of economic processes.
  • RISEBA studies provide practical experience and the opportunity to learn from professionals of their respective fields.
  • The subjects of the programme will prepare students for employment in several economic sectors where there is an aggregation of a large amount of data.
  • Case studies, problem-solving and analytical research are all a part of the RISEBA learning process.
  • The programme has been developed in collaboration with employers and market requirements of several industries.
  • Field professionals contribute to the study process.
  • Individual approach to each student.
  • Flexible study and payment schedule.
  • A wide range of discounts.


Degree awarded

Social sciences master's degree in economics



60 CP / 90 CP



Until 2027


Study form


Full time evening studies




Latvian or English


Tuition fee per year


4050 EUR (for citizens of EU, EEA, CIS countries, Georgia, Ukraine)

4500 EUR (other countries)


Programme length


1,5 year


Programme director

Dr. phys., doc. Ivars Godmanis

Phone: +371 26626187; e-mail:

Programme curriculum

Module No. 1: Economic and Business Processes 12 credits (18 ECTS) Module No. 2: Big Data Management 14 credits (21 ECTS)

Introduction to Big Data Analysis: 1 credit

EU Politics and Economy: 1 credit

Strategic Management: 2 credits

Business Optimisation and Decision-Making: 2 credits

Project Management in Organisations: 2 credits

Economic and Mathematical Modelling: 2 credits

Business Risk Management: 2 credits

Big Data Acquisition Methods: 2 credits

Data Management and Usage: 2 credits

Big Data Research Methods: 2 credits

Data Security Management: 2 credits

Open Innovation and Protection of Intellectual Property: 2 credits

Data Visualisation Methods: 2 credits

Artificial Intelligence in Business: 2 credits
Module No. 3: Methods of Big Data Analysis, 16 credits (24 ECTS)  

Information System Requirement Analysis: 2 credits

Multivariant Models of Static Analysis: 2 credits

Blockchain Technologies: 2 credits

Forecasting and Modelling: 2 credits

Practical Project. Using data analysis software: 6 credits 

The curriculum of Study Programme

Self assessment of the programme



Graduates of the master’s programme will:

- be able to use different data acquisition and management methods; 

- know the newest technological solutions;

- be able to use methods of Big Data analysis and visualisation;

- be able to use the acquired knowledge for economic process analysis and business growth.

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RISEBA main campus: Meža str. 3, Riga, LV-1048, tel. +371 67500265,