Programme Faculty

Dr. Yiannis Polychronakis

Yiannis PolychronakisLecturer in Operations Management
Salford Business School (UK)

“I have had the opportunity to work with RISEBA students in the past couple of years in a few occasions and I have been impressed by the level of communication and commitment shown by them. Evidently, they possess an excellent balance of practical experience underpinned by sufficient theoretical foundations that allows them to follow discussions/argumentation at postgraduate level.  Command of the English language and dedication to their studies is admirable. It is indeed a privilege to have the opportunity to work with your students...”

Dr. Yiannis Polychronakis currently holds a Senior Lecturing post with the Salford Business School. He is teaching in the areas of Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and Project Management. Yiannis undertakes his research on the interaction of Supply Chains and Project Management and has delivered numerous seminars and courses to the industry nationally and internationally. Yiannis has also assisted a number of organisations in developing and implementing best practices in the areas of Process Management, Supply Chain Development and Project Management and delivered numerous seminars and training courses.


Dr. Andrejs Cirjevskis

Dr. Andrejs CirjevskisLecturer in Strategy & Finance
RISEBA (Latvia)

“I highly appreciate my cooperation with the MBA programme. It is good opportunity to obtain international experience in teaching. It is really a challenge to work with demanding students asking for high quality of lecture, language, materials, interaction...”




Dr. Edward Doran

Dr. Edward DoranLecturer in Entrepreneurial Leadership
Salford Business School (UK)

Dr Doran has spent twenty years in the motor industry holding a number of senior management positions in Production and Quality. He qualified is a Chartered Engineer with a BA (Hons) in Technology and Management Systems, MSc in Robotics and PhD in Quality Management Systems. His main teaching and consultancy areas are: Management Development, Project Management, Organisational Behaviour and Development, Research Methodology and Design, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity Research. Active research areas include: Entrepreneurship, Team building, Performance Measurement, Organisational Behaviour. Dr Doran has had a number of International research papers presented and published in these fields.


Gregory Troussov

Gregory TroussovKontakt-Expert Consulting Company (Russian Federation)

Gregory Troussov is the leading Russian marketing consultant and trainer. He is also well-known as the author of the business bestseller “They shall come, and they shall buy” voted “The Best Business Book in Marketing 2007”.Gregory received a national award "Person of the Year, 2009" for his significant contribution to Russia's marketing school. Kontakt-Expert Consulting Company has won national award “Company of the Year, 2009” in Consulting. Gregory has completed over 350 marketing projects over the course of 15 years; run consulting projects in 12 countries; published over 300 articles in the business press. As an academic Gregory teaches at 10 MBA programs in UK, USA and CIS countries.




Dr. Andrejs Limanskis

Andrejs LimanskisLecturer in Finance
RISEBA (Latvia)

“It is my great pleasure to communicate with MBA programme students. This is the case when not only students gain knowledge from professor, but also professor gets regular impulses for upgrading the course. The programme demonstrates fantastic opportunities for students who reside in Riga to be brought to the international level in their skills.  Exchange of professors and students guarantees that the programme has bright prospects...”




Dr. Alex Avramenko

Alex AvramenkoLecturer in Human Resource Management
Salford Business School (UK)

“RISEBA MBA programme students are very determined in their learning and are goal-oriented. They have very good theoretical background, supplemented by quite extensive practical experience in managing organisations and people...”

Dr Alex Avramenko joined the University of Salford (Greater Manchester, UK) as a Lecturer in Business Studies in 2006 after many years of entrepreneurship and working in the telecommunication industry.  Alex has been offering his expertise for the HEFCE and LdV funded projects since 2007. Research directions: Evolution of the HR function in contemporary work organisations, Rural entrepreneurship, Technoentrepreneurship and creative decision making.