RISEBA discounts


RISEBA offers subsidised  places  with the aim of attracting the most capable applicants and motivating students to learn with excellency, as well as to provide an opportunity to get higher education due to unequal social situation.

RISEBA subsidised places are applied to full-time day department students.

To apply for RISEBA subsidised places you have to register on portal latvija.lv and meet the following requirements:

1. the conditions for entering the relevant study programme are met (Admission rules);

2. average grade in the profiling subjects of the study program chosen for the attestation is not lower than 8;

3. The results of centralized examinations meet the criteria for admission to RISEBA study programs. 

In the competition, the winners are reflectants, whose average mark in the attestation has been the highest.

RISEBA subsidised places are allocated per semester of study and reviewed every semester. 

SUBSIDISED PLACE ROTATION provide for any student of RISEBA an opportunity for the next study semester to study, with a 100% tuition fee discount if a student presents outstanding achievements in the previous term.(i): in the previous semester, the average grade should not be lower than 9, and none of the final marks in study subjects are not less than 8. 

For more on the procedure for allocating and rotating budget seats, see: here:




RISEBA support high performing and creative students in the financing of their studies.
We offer a wide range of tuition fee discounts starting from 10 % up to 100% full tuition waivers.

Tuition fee discount regulations for the academic year 2019/2020.