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Eco Council

Let's take care of the environment together!#RISEBAEcocouncil

Students are welcome to join the RISEBA Eco Council – it serves as a hub for RISEBA students concerned with ecological sustainability, resource conservation, climate change and appreciation of the natural world.

Eco Council

What do we do in RISEBA Eco Council?

RISEBA Eco Council is primarly student-led. We have representatives from each University Faculty that are the Eco-Monitors, they form and lead an Eco-Committee.

Then Eco Committee spreads information through each programme Eco activists. Eco Activists work with students of their programme.

We are working towards creating our next 2021/2022 study year Green Action Plan that will help us to improve both our University and local community.

Our Eco-committee is a driving force behind our University work. We work towards:

  • Ensuring that the whole University is aware of our Green Action Plan.
  • Taking the lead in carrying out the Environmental review.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the University community is represented in the decision-making process.
  • Providing a link between students, lecturers, senior management team and the whole University community.
  • Taking the lead in delivering the Green Action Plan.


Eco Council Green Action Plan 2022-2023

JANUARY The month of a warm sweater. "Warm up and warm the planet!"

FEBRUARY Life under water. Trash talk discussion.

MARCH Water and Human Interaction Month, discussion “The Role of Water in Human Life”

APRIL The month of the big clean-up, "Help RISEBA!"

MAY Month of Responsible Consumption and Reproduction, “Sustainability of Clothing”

JUNE Plogging Activity Month. "We play sports and protect the environment!"

JULY Waste sorting month. "I'm a student, I know it! PPT = presentation, PPS = paper, plastic, glass”

AUGUST A month of rest before studies! "We swim in the Blue Flag, we spend the night in Green Key accommodation!"

SEPTEMBER Fresh air month. “Go to lectures by bike! Reduce air pollution! ”

OCTOBER The month we spend a day without meat. "Let's eat green!"

NOVEMBER Jam month. Give food importance, reduce leftovers! "The way from the core to the seed, from the seed to the apple, from the apple to the jam, from the jam to the core."

DECEMBER We go to the forest. "I will decorate you, I will plant you!" Plant a Christmas tree!

Read what our student thinks about the eco lifestyle!

   To join the RISEBA Eco Council, write an e-mail to Head of the Eco Council Valerija Kozlova! 

 Valērija Kozlova

Valērija Kozlova

Head of the RISEBA Eco Council 

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: +371 26389023