Audiovisual Media Arts

„During my studies at RISEBA I have received the best possible support for creating my career vision. One day when a Hollywood team visited Riga to shoot a real thriller, our Programme Director recommended me and a
couple of other guys from the programme as Production Assistants. Thus I got a great chance to get hands-on experience working as an Assistant to a professional Hollywood Producer, which later helped me
do an internship in Los-Angeles (USA) and pursue a successful career in the area of film production.” 

 Vadim Zaikovsky,
AVMM student, Freelance Line Producer






RISEBA professional Bachelor’s programme in Audiovisual Media Arts is designed to produce highly qualified, competent and competitive audiovisual specialists and develop a new type of entrepreneurs who can achieve the symbiosis of business and creative thinking.

Professional degree awarded: Bachelor in Audiovisual Media Arts
Qualification awarded: Television and film producer; Television Director; Director of photography for television or Screenwriter
Language of instruction:

Latvian or English

Specializations: Audiovisual Media Arts or Multimedia Performing Art
International  opportunities: One semester exchange programme (ERASMUS)
Admission requirements: Centralized examinations in Latvian language and a foreign language and creative interview.
Credit points: 80
ECTS 120

Form of study and tuition fees

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Programme director:
Janis Holsteins 

Tālr:+371 25618534
[email protected]


Programme in brief

This study programme is targeted at young people with secondary comprehensive education and those who want to attain a professional qualification in the field of Audiovisual Media Arts related to television, Internet media, cinema and new media. The programme can also be recommended to those already working professionally in the audiovisual field but willing to earn a university degree, obtain new knowledge and develop hands-on skills.

RISEBA Bachelor’s programme in Audiovisual Media Arts offers a well-balanced mix of theory, methods and practice in the audiovisual field and supported by the latest technology and advanced equipment. Study courses are taught in Latvian, Russian and English.

Career prospects 

Upon successful completion of the programme, students receive both a Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Media Arts and one of four professional qualifications, which open up possibilities for a wide range of career opportunities. TV and film producer, television director, director of photography for television, and script writer are just few of many positions held by programme graduates in TV companies, cinema and independent producers associations, Internet and other new media.

Study environment 


Theoretical lectures are usually held in auditoriums. All auditoriums are equipped with computers and projectors for lecturers’ and students’ presentations. The biggest auditorium is also equipped with large screens in order to provide better visibility.

Video studio

Students learn the crafts of camera operator and lighting in a 300 sqm big video studio. Students can also take advantage of this studio for their own academic projects outside the lectures. Studio is equipped with a full featured black and green screen backgrounds and floor. Cameraperson’s special machinery, such as camera crane and steadicam, is also available. In 2013/2014 academic year studio will be equipped with a stationary lighting system. Next to the studio there is a green room, storage for costumes and stage property, and a recording studio.

Mounting studio

Architecture and Media Centre H2O6 has two big and two small editing studios. Both big editing studios are equipped with 15 – 20 iMac desktops. In these studios audiovisual editing lessons and practical workshops are being held.  Small editing studios are meant for students’ unsupervised work after the lectures. All computers for video editing are equipped with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, Logic Studio and other editing software.

Why RISEBA, why Audiovisual Media Arts? 

  • currently the only professional bachelor's study programme in the audiovisual field in Latvia;
  • the only study programme in Latvia to get the television and film producer qualifications;
  • professional study course are delivered by  prominent  Latvian and foreign industry professionals;
  • studies simultaneously focus on the humanities knowledge base on the one hand and a strong coaching program - on the other;
  • Excellent reputation in the industry
  • study program at the same time is based on the European, American and Russian audiovisual culture;
  • studies in Latvian, Russian and English languages. Apon completion of the programme  graduates will be competitive not only in domestic but also  international  audiovisual markets;
  • an international environment, international courses, international opportunities;
  • Internships with best TV companies and film projects
  • Excellent technical facilities
  • Practically oriented study courses
  • individual approach to every student;
  • Highly professional academic personnel
  • Latest audiovisual technologies
  • a flexible study schedule and a flexible payment schedule;
  • a wide range of discounts.
  • Powerful and extensive alumni network
  • Cooperation and joint projects with leading creative HEIs

Programme curriculum*

Year 1 Year 2
Business English
Research Work
History and Theory of Art
History of Culture
Psychology of Creative Process
Audiovisual Technologies
Acting Skills
Essentials of Composition
Essentials of Photo Art 
Work of TV and Video Cameraman
Script Development
Music in Communication
Principles of Lighting
Business English 
Essentials of History of Theatre  
History of TV and Cinema
History of Costumes and Fashion 
Technologies of TV Production
Contemporary Media of Arts 
Work of TV and Video Cameraman
TV Directing
TV and Cinema Production
Essentials of TV Journalism
Essentials of Audiovisual Montage 
Sound Directing
Year 3 Year 4
Study courses for qualifications: Study courses for qualifications:
Psychology of Advertisement 
Analysis and Criticism of Creative Work 
TV and Cinema Drama
Crises Management 
Management of Art 
Project Management
TV and Cinema Production
Technologies of Cinema 
Aesthetics of Documentary Cinema 
Psychology of Colours 
TV Directing
Directors Work with  Actors 
Cooperation with Stage Designer
Photo Journalism
TV and Video Language Current Events
Development of Undertaking Scenarios
TV Adaptation 
History and Theory of Literature 
Script Development

Television and Cinema Production 
Television Direction
Work of Television and Video Cameraman 
Script Development
Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property
Legal Aspects of Business
Public Relations and Mass Media 
TV and Cinema Production 
Essentials of Computer Graphics
Bachelor Thesis


Second Foreign Language 
Advertisement Design 
TV Programme Management
TV News Journalism
Photo Journalism 
Cinema Technologies
The Development of Creative Imagination
Digital Montage 
Essentials of Video Arts 
Public Address Techniques

* RISEBA reserve  rights  to  make adjustments  up to 20 % of the programme  content. For more specific information about the study course qualifications, please contact programme director.

Programme description 2017/2018

Programme description




RISEBA Architecture and media centre H2O 6 (3D tour)

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You can reach Architecture and Media Centre by buses No 3 or 13 (direction Bolderaja).

Arhitektūras un mediju centra H2O 6 ēka
Arhitektūras un mediju centra H2O 6 ēka
Arhitektūras un mediju centra H2O 6 ēka
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