Student reviews

Edmunds Imbovics

Edmunds Imbovics

Entrepreneur, graduate of 2016

My partnership with RISEBA University began in 2011, when I accidentally saw an advert of “Business psychology” bachelor degree programme on the internet. I wasn’t looking for an education programme that time. I was quite busy, but after reading the description of the programme I felt like it was designed for me – it covered all the areas of my interest, such as economy, management, accounting, marketing and a lot of psychology. I realised, that this programme can improve my leadership skills, improve myself and teach me how to develop effective, trustful and healthy relationships with colleagues, employees, friends and family.

The programme met all my expectations. In three years I acquired a deeper understanding of business management, human resource management, motivation. Because of this programme I also developed a stronger desire to continue growing and learning new things.

My business has changed, transformed. Now I run and organise different personality development programmes, offer business trainings, life couching programmes. I am an author of a variety programmes, publications and I also teach “Business couching” class in RISEBA University from 2014.

I can affirm that my life has changed because of “Business psychology” study programme and professional, creative, supportive and experienced RISEBA University team. My life became more interesting, exciting, and richer with success and opportunities. I achieved not only new knowledge and skills, but also new friends, colleagues and professional contacts.


Agnija Zvirgzdina

Agnija ZvirgzdiņaProsecutor, Riga Court District Prosecutor's Office
Graduate of 2016

RISEBA University bachelor degree programme “Business psychology” gives an outstanding insight into both, psychology and management sciences. The combination of both prepares great leaders, who can form and lead an excellent team.

RISEBA University lecturers are very responsive, supportive and motivating, creating a safe and healthy environment for developing new skills and learning new things.

We were able to apply our theoretical knowledge on real case studies, finding the most effective practical solution for a given problem. While studying on this programme we could grow professionally and personally, learning to understand ourselves in the first place.