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Public Relationships and Advertising Management programme director


Services marketing

University of Latvia,
University of Latvia, Mg.oec.
Riga Technical University, Mg.chem.

Holding two master degrees in chemistry and economics, Glorija Sarkane has more than 15 years experience of executive experience in chemical industry. 
She was one of the founders and board members of NGO Zemgale from 1989 to 1999. She led organisation’s internal and external communications for 10 years and got a professional experience in public relationships.
She began working in the education field in 2000. She has more than 13 years experience in study programmes management and 10 years experience in Public Relationships and Advertising Management programmes director – in the International Higher School of Practical Psychology and in RISEBA (since 2008). She started directing Public Relationships Management postgraduate programme in 2009. 
She is now working on her PhD in Business Management at RISEBA.

Her academic interests are services marketing and promotion of graduate school services on the education market.





Social Psychology
Consumer Behaviour
Organisational Psychology
Psychology of Management
Corporate Social Responsibility

University of Latvia / Daugavpils University – Psychology doctoral programme
Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of University of Latvia – Mg. Psych.
Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy (RTTEMA) – B. Psych.
Saint Petersburg Acmeology Academy – qualified video trainer 
Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy – psychologist

Solveiga Blumberga works as an associate professor at RISEBA and RTU. She has previously worked as a lecturer at Riga Stradiņš University, RTTEMA, Ventspils High School, Latvian Maritime Academy, and International Higher School of Practical Psychology and deepened her knowledge in group psychotherapy in Lithuania, where she qualified as a group therapist.

She did internship in Stockholm University and Saint Petersburg State University, held guest lectures within the framework of Erasmus Programme “Staff Mobility – Teaching Assignment” in Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen in Kortijk, Belgium, and in Leonardo Da Vinci University in Paris, France.

Her research interests include leadership and authority, research of psychological measures of successful entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility.

She is an associate professor of the Department of Management and Marketing at RISEBA 
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Mob.: +371 26461229



ARTIS EGLĪTISTeaches the following subjects:

Introduction to mass communication theories
Public opinion theory
Post-industrial society development
Public Relations Tactics
Media relationship building
Information recording and interpreting practicum
Basics of Journalism

Mg. sc. soc., University of Latvia

Artis Eglītis has acquired a master's and bachelor's degree in communication sciences at the University of Latvia. First, he worked as a teacher at the Cēsis State Friendly Appeal Gymnasium, then as a lecturer at the University of Latvia, Riga Stradins University, International Higher School of Practical Psychology, Economic and Cultural Institute of Riga. He is a lecturer of RISEBA since 2008.
For a long time (over 20 years) Artis Eglītis has worked in journalism as a freelance journalist and as a staff member and department editor at various publications. Occasionally he worked in the field of preparation of various texts of advertising and public relations in the agencies “Base Baltic” and “DDB” and created texts on public relations for the company “Modena Motors”.

Apart of these activities he has conducted courses at the Young Journalist school in Cēsis (in partnership with the Cēsis State Friendly Appeal Gymnasium, Students Interest Centre and Cēsis School Board), as well as has participated in the jury of creative work competition for students, supported by the Friendly Appeal Fund.

Research interests:
Press publications on motor vehicles and special interest journalism in Latvia.
Motor vehicle industry in Latvia (activities of the companies "Russo-Balt", "Ford Vairogs", "RAF", " Sarkanā Zvaigzne").
Printed advertisements of automobiles in the world in the 50's-90's.
Content development aspects of the print media.



Teaches the following subjects:
Tactics in public relations
Creating texts in PR
Practical Journalism
Multimedia techniques in modern journalism

Mg. sc. soc.
Cherkassy Pedagogical Institute. B. Khmelnitsky
Dnipropetrovsk National University (DNU), Ukraine

Olena Fedorova is a practitioner in the field of new media, SMM and PR-tactics. She has 20 years of experience in journalism. She has completed her doctorate at DNU (Ukraine), the faculty of systems and means of mass communication. She continues to work on her dissertation on the problems of the new media. Since 2006, she teaches Media Communications. She organizes international training courses in Latvia, Ukraine, Poland. Since 2007 - the founder of the school of modern communications Taktika. During 2005 - 2012 – the editor of the Latvian editions „Schastlivyye lyudi”, “Life”, “Marta”, as well as of the television channels on TV-5 and LTV7. Currently she is collaborating with the magazines “Lilit”, “Amber Style”, “Nasha Gazeta” (Switzerland).

She is thoroughly studying the multimedia components of the modern world, in particular, social networks. She has more than 20 scientific publications in international collections.

Olena Fedorova is the member of the National Union of the Journalists of Ukraine and the Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals (LASAP).




AIVARS HELDETeaches the following subjects:

Introduction to advertising
Ad Types
Introduction to Advertising Design
Scriptwriting Basics
Social marketing
Creating video ad

Dr. Psych, Mg. Art
Demidov Yaroslavl State University
Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) State Theatre Arts Academy

Aivars Helde holds a Master's degree at St.Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy and a Doctoral degree the Social and Political Theories Department of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences in Yaroslavl. He has worked as a lecturer at the Riga College of Applied Art, at the International Higher School of Practical Psychology and the Baltic International Academy. He has lectured at the university colleges in Antwerp and Brussels. Practical experience was gained by leading the Advertising and Sales Department of the publishing house “Artava”, working as a Radio program director and co-operating in the field of advertising with TV studios. He has been an advertising face of the publishing house “Artava”.
As a fashion director and manager together with the exhibition company “Latexpo” he has arranged the first and the second international fashion sessions of the “Baltic Fashion Week” (2005, 2006). In 2005, he arranged the contest Miss and Mister Latvia and Sharm el-Sheikh (in Egypt).

As a theater director Aivars Helde has made productions in Estonia (Estonian National Theatre, Estonia's Russian Theatre - 1990, 1991, 1992), in Lithuania (Youth Theatre, Russian Drama Theatre -1992, 1993), in Latvia (Valmiera, Riga -1991, 1992, 1994, 1999 and 2007), in Russia (St. Petersburg Municipal Theatre in 1989), etc.

Aivars Helde has recorded the film in the St. Petersburg Film Studio (100 soldiers and one girl). He has created open-air performances.

Aivars Helde has twice exhibited works in galleries of paintings - in the Salaspils gallery in 2011 and Riga gallery “The Long Road” in 2012. He has created workshops for advertising professionals. He has actively published works on social marketing and advertising topics.

Aivars Helde is the member of Theatre Union and the new Association of Psychologists, member of the Cultural Association “Slavutich” (Canada).

Research interests: Social Advertising. Social marketing. Researches on public psychological comfort and ergonomic condition. Local government communication with citizens through social marketing and social advertising tools.



Fundamentals of Accounting
Financial Accountancy
Management Accounting

Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute, Economics Department 
Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) Institute of Finance and Economics, Candidate of Sciences

Riga Technical University – Doctor Habilitus degree in Economics (May 18, 1993, Habilitation Council order H – 09)

Tatjana Ivanova worked as an accountant and chief accountant in state and private enterprises, as a lecturer in Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute, and associate professor in Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration. She continued studying in Saint Petersburg Institute of Finance and Economics and Saint Petersburg International High School of Management.

Her research interests include improvement of accountancy in various economic sectors, improvement of internal control systems of business enterprises, corporate financial policies, development of competition in sectors of national economy, development of social entrepreneurship.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +371 67500261



Teaches the following subjects:
Politics and communication
Intercultural Communication

University of Latvia
University of Latvia

Vineta Kantāne has acquired a master's and bachelor's degree at the University of Latvia. There she began doctoral studies in political theory. She has acquired professional development programs: Academics Teaching Improvement / Innovation in Higher Education / Educational Work in the Chair. She has for a long time combined the work of a lecturer with her teacher experience, has provided expert services for the standard of teaching and textbooks of “Law and Policy”, conducted the continuing education courses for teachers of Social Sciences and Policies. Within the framework of ESF funds she has provided expert services in the development and management of professional and pedagogical competences for the teachers of “Philosophy” and “Law and Policy”. Practical cultural policy has been implemented through her work in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the State Joint Stock Company “Valsts nekustamie īpašumi“ (State Real Estate) from 2007 - 2009. Work experience in higher education institutions – “RIMPAK Livonia”, Riga Stradins University, University of Latvia, International Higher School of Practical Psychology; RISEBA - from 2007.




Fundamentals of Visual Communication
Fundamentals of Commercial Photography
Riga Technical University 
Transport and Telecommunication Institute
Baltic International Academy
New York Institute of Photography

Maris Kiselovs earned a master degree in business administration, mastered 3D modelling and photography skills through practice and self-education.

He worked as a 3D designer in various architecture bureaus for more than 10 years; he continued working on his design and photography projects in the same time, later he gave special priority to photography and deepened his knowledge in New York Institute of Photography.
He actively participates in various social projects as an art photographer.

His research interests include: photography, design, advertising and visual communication.

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Mob. +371 29114891



ROLANDS LAĶISTeaches the following subjects:

New information (media) technologies.
The basics of photography.
The basics of visual presentation.

Creative work experience: 15 years - advertising photography, 20 years - TV director and producer, the last 5 years - creative projects and intermedia production.
His research interests are related to social media, visual communication, photography, video, as well as new visual technology and content development.





Craft of TV and Video Camera Operator 
Fundamentals of Audiovisual Montage 
Art of Lighting

Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music

Janis Redlihs has more than 33 years’ work experience at the TV and several films. After graduating the academy he worked as a director and TV host.
He’s the author of various theatrical performances, cameraman and director of art and dance films.
He’s been working at RISEBA since 2008.
[email protected]

Mob.: +371 26455734




Nonverbal Communication 
Introduction to Mass Communications
Development of Post-Industrial Society
Theories of Public Opinion
Introduction to PR
History of Advertising and PR
Reputation Management
Media Relations

University of Latvia
Moscow State University
Baltic International Academy (former Baltic Russian Institute)

Lidija Semjonova earned her master degree in communications in the University of Latvia, worked as a lecturer in Baltic International Academy and International Higher School of Practical Psychology, deepened her knowledge in Moscow State University. Her practical experience includes work as an advertising manager and director’s assistant in the advertising department of a publishing house, as an image and PR consultant (Riga and Moscow).

Her research interests include: marketing communications as an instrument for influencing consumers’ values system (modelling the demand on status goods).

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Fundamentals of Sociology
Research Methods in Public Relations
Ethics in Communications
Ethics and Public Relations
Introduction to Semiotics
Business Etiquette
Cultural History of Latvia

Mag.phil. (University of Latvia)

After the graduation Guna Matule worked as a researcher in the Institute of Pedagogical Sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Latvia, where she held social studies about young families. Later on she defended her doctoral thesis dedicated to the sociology of the family.

Associate professor at RISEBA since 2008.

[email protected] 
Mobile: +371 29409252



Introduction to PR
International Public Relations
Politics and Communication

University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication Studies – bachelor degree
University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Politology – master degree
Riga Stradiņš University, “Sociology” programme – doctoral studies

Zane Sneidere earned her master degree in politology, worked as a press secretary for the European Parliament deputy Valdis Dombrovskis and in the Latvian State Treasury.

Then she turned to the private sector and worked as a head of marketing at Dome Hotel & SPA; she still continues working for an interactive solutions agency “Bright”.
She has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of PR in both public and private sectors. She began teaching at RISEBA in 2008.

Her research interests lie in the field of political discourse, new communication channels and trends of development of communication.

E-mail: [email protected]
Mob.: +371 26596035
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Unconventional Advertising and PR Campaigns
Development of Creativity
Creative Process

Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine) – organic chemistry, solid fuel chemistry 
TRIZ courses – TRIZ master degree

Julijs Muraskovskis started working in chemical recovery industry after graduating the high school.
Later on he continued working in the field of advertising and PR as a PR consultant, also as a PR consultant for the Minister of Economics.
He’s been doing research in the field of talented thinking since 1979.
He’s an author of several articles and a book about talented thinking in the fields of technology, science and art.
He took part in various advertising, PR and political campaigns’ planning and management, including Latvian parliamentary election, Russian State Duma elections, Ukrainian parliamentary election, Petrozavodsk mayoral election (Republic of Karelia).
He’s been consulting Central Election Commission of Latvia for many years.

Held more than 200 workshops and seminars about talented thinking in technology, art and pedagogics in Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia and Belorussia.

[email protected]
Mob. +371 29278972




Fundamentals of Television Journalism 
PR and Mass Media 
PR science. Current Development Trends.
Journalism and Communication
Communication Management and PR in Europe

Dr. Phil.
University of Latvia
Moscow State University
Stockholm University

Sandra Veinberga earned a doctor degree in philology for her research about the political influence of German television programme magazines. Used to be an associate professor and a head of Journalism Department of University of Latvia, deepened her knowledge in the Centre for Doctoral Studies of Moscow State University and in postdoctoral internship at Stockholm University Department of Media Studies. Later she turned to practical work as journalist in Sweden and as LTV and various other Latvian media’ newsperson in Scandinavia. She delivered PR trainings for executive managers of private sector, Latvian and Swedish state and municipal institutions. Later on she returned to work as a guest lecturer in Liepaja University and as a lecturer in RISEBA. An associate professor at RISEBA since 2011.

Member of Swedish Publicists Club, Foreign Press Association and Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research (FSMK).
Her research interests include theoretical and practical issues of media and public relations (PR).