The support of RISEBA mentor helped our student to achieve her career goal

We are very proud and happy to have RISEBA Alumni returning and sharing their professional and life experience with current students through participation in RISEBA Alumni Mentors Club.

We are seeking Alumni and students who would like to join Mentors club

RISEBA Alumni mentors club has been created so that current RISEBA students could receive support from those graduates who volunteer to be mentors over the course of the study year. Usually meeting with a mentor happens remotely about once a month and of course one on one. Mentor listens, supports, encourages and shares from his experience and helps with industry advice thus helping the student grow professionally and personally.

Right now a new study year commences thus are looking for both mentors and mentees. For a mentee (a student) It is enough to express interest, for a mentor – he/she has to make a commitment. To be part of RISEBA Mentor club you would have to:

  • have graduated from RISEBA and have industry experience;
  • wish and ability to have a remote session with a student once per month, listening providing feedback and advice;
  • knowledge and experience in your own industry, about career or personal growth;
  • possibility to (mostly online) meet with other mentors about once a semester for sharing and brainstorming.

If you are a RISEBA Alumni and want to be part of the Mentors club or if you are a student who would benefit from mentoring please write to [email protected] with a subject line MENTOR.

Mentoring success story

Mentoring from students standpoint can be very important and even life-changing. Student from RISEBA Business Psychology Bachelors study programme who is in her final year, Edite Timofejeva is sharing her experience: "When I joined the mentoring program I did not have any expectations. I simply dared to do it. I had a dream – to start working in human resource management, but I had a lot of doubt around my ability to make this dream come true. I had several years of experience in sales, a little bit in marketing, but human resource management seemed like a lost opportunity, that should have started on this path already after high school if I wanted to succeed in this field." What exactly did Edite gain from working with her mentor Liena Dumarane? "The power to first of all, see my own competencies, the belief that I am valuable in the labor market. After gaining some practical tools from my mentor, I was able to change my career focus, and now I work as Recruitment specialist in a large Latvian company. I started from level zero as an intern." Our student points out: "For me mentoring has provided encouragement, practical tools and a professional conversation."  


Student in RISEBA Bachelors programme “Business Psychology” in her final year Edite (pictured bellow) has used the support of RISEBA Alumni Mentors club and thus gained the knowledge and inspiration to become a recruitment specialist.


Edīte Timofejeva