RISEBA University Student R. Kačajeva participating in "Google" campus in Silicon Valley

In the spring of 2018, for the second consecutive year, in collaboration with Inbox.lv, RISEBA University offered a unique opportunity to its students – take part in a competition and become the sole "Roger Hatchuel Academy" participant from Latvia, who will go on a free trip to Cannes in France from 18 June to 23 June on the basis of the "Cannes Lions" festival of the world’s most distinguished creativity.

Are you a student from RISEBA? Participate and go to Roger Hatchuel Academy

Roger Hatchuel Academy is a unique free of charge five-day course in English that takes place from 18 to 22 June in France, Cannes, during the world’s most prestigious creativity festival Cannes Lions. RHA is a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge on the newest and most innovative news in the creative industry, become more confident of own skills, as well as participate in the festival free of charge.