Business Studies

"RISEBA University College means individual approach to every student, professionalism of the academic staff and theoretical knowledge of a high practical value."

Andrejs Petrovs
Sales Director, SIA “Kreiss”
Graduate of 2010


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"I chose the RISEBA ‘Business in the Digital Environment’ undergraduate programme because I work in the IT field and, in addition to my IT knowledge, I was looking to acquire knowledge in the field of business. I believe that I made the right choice, because the knowledge that I have gained during this course is of practical value and helps me to better understand how technology can be used in order to successfully manage a business."

Business Psychology

"Nowadays, there is no doubt that every business is based on its own psychology.  By understanding the psychological aspects of every business process, you can choose the most efficient managerial decisions and double your company’s ability to generate profits. Choose to study Business Psychology at RISEBA and you will be able not only to find all the secrets of human resource management, but also to achieve stunning success in business!"

Audiovisual Media Arts

„During my studies at RISEBA I have received the best possible support for creating my career vision. One day when a Hollywood team visited Riga to shoot a real thriller, our Programme Director recommended me and a
couple of other guys from the programme as Production Assistants. Thus I got a great chance to get hands-on experience working as an Assistant to a professional Hollywood Producer, which later helped me
do an internship in Los-Angeles (USA) and pursue a successful career in the area of film production.”