Professional postgraduate programme “Architecture” is a consistent and logical continuation of RISEBA University College academic undergraduate programme “Architecture”, which would allow graduates to obtain architecture certificate and begin professional practice in accordance with certification requirements of architects of the Republic of Latvia.

Professional postgraduate programme “Architecture” is designed to provide students with professional postgraduate level education and practical experience of a high quality in architecture and urban

Management Psychology and Supervision

RISEBA University College programme “Management Psychology and Supervision” means more than obtaining a Master’s degree in management sciences or new knowledge. Within this programme, under the management of experienced lecturers who work in their fields, a new and very much needed profession in Latvia is acquired, which helps to improve the professional lives of employees.

Human Resource Management

RISEBA postgraduate programme “Human Resource Management” allows every practising HR manager to gain knowledge one needs the most. In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit of the programme. Discussions and practical training allow the students to find out various views on the same issue. It also proves how creative an HR manager’s profession is.

Eva Selga 
Head of the Board of Latvian Association
of Personnel Management

Business Management

"Postgraduate study programme “Business Management” is an excellent postgraduate education, which covers all the necessary aspects: accounting, logistics, strategic planning and a lot more! RISEBA offers you professional growth and an opportunity to develop a wide network of professional contacts."

Normunds Cizevskis
Business development and financial consultant,
Board member, SIA “Bizpro”

International Business

"To join Master of International Business programme is the best opportunity for students to get international experience without going abroad. I highly evaluate the professionalism of local and guest lecturers who made a truly international atmosphere during the programme – through various workshops, simulations, case studies etc. Here student’s interests and willingness to go deeper in a separate topic prevail over tedious theory. That makes each class special – intensive discussions and high involvement of students.