Ukrainian champion Valeriia Taranova sought for creativity and found it in RISEBA


Valeriia Taranova

My name is Valeriia Taranova and I am from Ukraine, from not the largest city actually, that is called Zaporizhzhia.

As far as education in my native city is not the best, or at least interesting, I decided to move out of my comfort zone and try to move for studying abroad, even learn another language for it. I am a creative person, but I was struggling by deciding my future profession. I like and want to try a lot of things, but not sure which particular one may become “the one” for all my future life. That is why I am studying in the RISEBA Audiovisual Media Arts programme.

As a student, firstly I changed the way I usually think. If you want to be recognized by studying in a creative programme, you definitely must be unusual, and not scared to try anything new in a new way. At home, for me it was usually hard to generate such many ideas for filming or photography, I just have waited for the inspiration to come, and then did something. The duration between ideas might possibly be even a half of a year. To compare – it is my first course, I have studied only for 3 months and I have already done probably more than 20 creative works.

Actually, I am not sure about my career right now, and that is the reason for choosing this particular programme. I have a lot of things to try, a lot of interesting study courses, and while studying here I may decide what do I like most.

As I said before, the new way of thinking would be definitely useful in my future career. You don`t need to wait for something to come itself, you better have to create it by yourself. Also, I cannot miss that this course has already given me leadership skills, and it is also going to help me in the future.

I have been a swimmer for 11 years, it is more than half of my life, as far as I am only 17 years old yet. I finished my career as a Champion of Ukraine and Master of Sports, to change my life and apply for RISEBA. I was a fan of this sport all these years, that is why I reached this peak in it. It was a hard way actually, I had numerous silver and bronze medals at first in my district than in the region, and after that in Ukraine national championship.  For me, sport is similar to studying, as far as you need to train quite a lot to achieve something there. The only difference is that I was not ready to train whole my life without the possibility to do it in another way, as far is every sport is like math: you have rules, you need to follow them and only in this case you will have the result. I am not this kind of person, because I would like to do something unusual, not just only go after rules that exist for everyone.

Valeriia Taranova

Then & now: from the left - Valeria as a swimmer, to the right - Valeria as a creative personality. Photos from personal archive

Valeriia Taranova