Why am I studying at RISEBA? Experience story by Viktorija Baier

My name is Viktorija Baier, originally coming from Latvia, but since 11 year living in Germany. I am working in international company. Actually, my job is supporting my two main hobbies: travelling and cooking new recipes (those I discover on my business trips). 

For a long time I was looking for the education which would fit to my dynamic lifestyle, would be modern, flexible and arouse my interest to devote more personal time for reading & watching additional medias. It was also important for me to have program which I could apply at my work.

So all that I found in RISEBA in program Business Psychology. I believe that this is study provides solid base both for managerial role and for the role of a consultant or projects leader. Also, at this time, when many suffer from the stress caused by COVID, it was important for me to understand myself better and find mechanisms that can help me to overcome negative emotions.

This far I love Personal Development and Team Building as well Cross Cultural Communication and Psychology. Both were real eye opened for me and I had to chance apply some methodologies at work in my international team.

For other students I wish you to find your program which will make you hungry for more. The learning process will go naturally and will be full of fun. The best time to develop yourself and learn is now!

Viktorija Baier