The Winners of the "RDF 18" Short Film Competition Have Been Awarded

From 19 October to 20 October of this year the Riga Digital Forum 18 (RDF) took place, which was the first Emerging Technologies Short Film Festival organised by the University of Business, Arts and Technology "RISEBA" and "Telia Latvija". On day two of the competition, RDF short film competition winners were awarded across 9 nominations.

Overall, 1384 works from 91 countries were submitted from 12 April to 22 September.

            Any enthusiasts or specialists in the field were welcome to participate in the short film competition, no matter their age or amount of professional experience. "It was surprising to witness students, amateurs and professionals alike engaged in such a close competition – whilst watching a short film you often couldn’t tell whether the creator was an academically accomplished professional or a young man with empirical experience. It serves as a testament that emerging technologies are becoming more accessible to a wide array of those interested, which is also confirmed by the sheer amount of submitted short films," conveys Jānis Holšteins, Jury Commission President. "Even though almost 1400 films were submitted, I’m glad that every finals category was represented by at least one work from Latvia. That means we are capable of keeping pace with the rest of the world regarding with respect to creative technology."

Works were submitted under three categories, according to methods used in their creation: Drone,
360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) or the Open category. Six works were declared as the best with nine nominations:

Best Narrative in two categories:

  • Drone – "Latvian Symbols of Protection and Strength", Edgars Strads and Elionora Beatrise Stabiņa (Latvia).
  • 360-degree VR – "GRAY", Thomas Szabo (Germany);
  • Best Technical Performance in two categories:
    • Drone – "Garden. Nature. Work", Artūrs Daukulis (Latvia),
    • 360-degree VR – "Artificial World", Bas Jansen (Netherlands);
  • Best in Category in every category:
    • Drone – "Mixed Motion Project", Marin Kafedjiiski (Bulgaria),
    • 360-degree VR – "GRAY", Thomas Szabo (Germany);
    • Open category – "After Silence", Henning Himmelreich (Germany);
  • Between the categories:
    • Best Student Film – "Latvian Symbols of Protection and Strength", Edgars Strads and Elionora Beatrise Stabiņa (Latvia),
    • Grand Prix – "Mixed Motion Project", Marin Kafedjiiski (Bulgaria),

The University of Business, Arts and Technology "RISEBA" has awarded Grand Prix winner Marin Kafedjiiski from Bulgaria with a prize of 1000 euros to further advance his professional endeavours.

Jānis Holšteins, the Jury Commission President and Dean of the Media and Communication Faculty of the University of Business, Arts and Technology "RISEBA" commented on the achievements: "The most amazing part is that the festival has hit a bullseye in the entire world’s scope of interest, namely – it is a local event with global attendance."

RDF took place for the first time this year; so far it is the only project of its kind in the Baltic states, the newest technologies, their utilisation and integration in creating aesthetic audiovisual works and content were the cornerstone of the festival and short film competition, aiming to promote new content creation using the latest technological developments.

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Riga Digital Forum 18
Riga Digital Forum 18
Riga Digital Forum 18
Riga Digital Forum 18
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