Tatjana Vasiljeva

Vice Rector for  Research


Dr.oec. Tatjana Vasiļjeva is a Vice Rector of RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, Head of IT and Mathematics Centre. She started working at RISEBA in October 2011. She’s a highly skilled and experienced professional, who has been working at SEB bank as a Head Information Systems Development Department for many years. T. Vasiļjeva holds a doctor degree in economics („Application of numeric methods in economics”); a „Latvian Bank Specialist Diploma” issued by Assosiation Commercial Banks of Latvia and Institute of Financial Services; a „Quality Systems Manager” diploma issued by Latvian Society for Quality. T. Vasiļjeva is an individual member of The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA); she is included in an international independent experts database as an expert in European research and innovations; has been chosen as an alternate member from Latvia of European Commission’s Information and Communications Technology Standardisation platform.

T. Vasiljeva teaches IT and Systems Management at RISEBA, as well as, supervises bachelor and master theses for Innovation Management students. She participates in various international projects.

T. Vasiļjeva’s academic interests are connected with IT management aspects, software development management, use of e-learning methods and tools in education. She is regularly invited to participate in various international academic conferences as an editorial board member. She has published five academic articles about the results of her research in last two years.

T. Vasiļjeva is a keen sportist, she plays court tennis, likes mountain-skiing, swimming, loves classical music and literature.