Membership information

Why to become a PRIME CEE Chapter member?

  • Being a platform for the open discussion, the CEE Chapter provides assistance to its members in the issues of academic ethics and in cases of implementing moral principles into practice with the focus on  Eastern and Central Europe. 
  • It has available electronic resources of Greenleaf collection of business cases and articles dedicated to the morality in business and business education, for the reduced price for its members. 
  • It is a network of professionals who care for the values of the future leaders and for the ways of developing the right conditions for moral courage to occur. There is no institutional fee for becoming a CEE Chapter member, the participation is voluntary, based on a free will to contribute to the knowledge and voicing the opinion in regards to CEE business education, its geo-political context, and its peculiarities. 

PRIME membership obligations:

  • CEE Chapter members are active in their home countries and home institutions, and are ready to share experiences and welcome new members for wider collaboration.
  • CEE Chapter members are regularly contributing with information and willingness to support principles in life.
  • CEE Chapter members are responsible to provide updated information as to their contact persons and institutional changes.    

How to become a member

  1. In order to  become a member of PRiME CEE Chapter, the Institution should be a signatory of PRiME
  2. Fill in the application form here