PRME CEE Chapter

PRME CEE Chapter

The PRME Chapter of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is a regional platform for dialogue, collaboration and collective action within the Central and Eastern Europe region to further advance Responsible Management Education (RME) and sustainable development in support of broader UN goals. The main aim of the PRME Chapter is to give a stronger voice to PRME signatories of the CEE region within the PRME initiative and Responsible Management Education (RME) movement and provide them with more visibility, highlighting good practices, as well as facilitating better exchange of ideas and experience in the area of RME relevant for the region.


Given the call for creation of PRME Chapters endorsed by the PRME community at the 3rd PRME Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, with the aim to support and advance the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) within particular geographic and cultural contexts, and the increasing launch of regional PRME Chapters that have proved to be a useful outlet for closer regional collaboration, CEEMAN – the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies, -a PRME Steering Committee member- has decided, in consultation with the PRME Secretariat, to help lead -along with PRME signatories in the region- the creation of a PRME Chapter for the Central and Eastern Europe region. During 2015, PRME signatories in the region were engaged informally at the 2015 PRME Global Forum to explore this idea, and more formally, by a letter of proposal inviting them to support the establishment of the Chapter and attend the 23rd CEEMAN Annual Conference in Almaty on 23-26 September to discuss it. Prof. Irina Sennikova, Rector of RISEBA University, Latvia and Vice-President of CEEMAN, offered to host the PRME Chapter Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Secretariat at her institution for the time being.

The 1st PRME Chapter CEE Meeting

The 1st PRME Chapter CEE Meeting took place at RISEBA University, Latvia in conjunction with the Conference titled ‘Become Engaged and Make an Impact: Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability Across Disciplines’ on the 18th  and 19th of April 2016, where the PRME Chapter CEE has been officially launched. During this meeting, 56 delegates from 19 PRME signatory business and management schools across Central and Eastern Europe came together to agree on a Constitution and Chapter CEE Steering Committee, and have discussed the roles, activities, and events for the new PRME Chapter.


The 2nd PRME Chapter CEE Meeting

The 2nd PRME Chapter CEE Meeting took place in Tallinn, within the frames of the 24th CEEMAN Annual Conference on the 28th of September, 2016. 
( On 28 September, the PRME Central and Eastern European Chapter has had its second meeting, deciding on the future steps of the Chapter as well as discussing the topic of Boosting Social Entrepreneurship through Management Education. Close to 50 participants from 16 countries joined the meeting.

The participants were welcomed by Prof. Danica Purg, the President of CEEMAN, as the Chapter meeting was organized within the frame of the CEEMAN 24th Annual Conference, and Dr. Irina Sennikova, Rector of RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology and CEEMAN Vice-President, current Chapter Chair. The meeting was led by Julija Bulatova, PRME CEE Chapter Coordinator, and RISEBA faculty member.

Irina Sennikova opened the debates, giving the floor to the keynote speakers Anita Negri (Oikos International), Monika Kolb (Cologne Business School), and Yaroslav Pavlov (Distance Learning, IBS RANEPA). They shared their experience in the areas of social entrepreneurship and sustainability in education, rising high participants’ involvement.

Future directions were addressed in the second part of the meeting. Particularly, the future cooperation for creating a common course of Sustainability and Ethics in Management was discussed. The big accent was given to the Chapter activities attracting new members and to the stakeholder dialogue. The organization strategy was also introduced. It was also suggested that the next PRME CEE Chapter meeting would take place in Moscow, Russia in January 2017 within the frame of the Gaidar Forum.

The Third PRME Chapter CEE

The Third PRME Chapter CEE meeting takes place in Moscow, Russia on January 13th, 2017 within the frames of the Gaidar Forum. (, and is hosted by The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (

Membership Information

  • It is a network of professionals who care for the values of the future leaders and for the ways of developing the right conditions for moral courage to occur.
  • Chapter CEE provides assistance to its members in the issues of academic ethics and in cases of implementing moral principles into practice.
  • Chapter CEE organizes regular meetings and it is, therefore, a platform for the open discussion
  • Chapter CEE members are active in their home countries and home institutions and are ready to share experiences and welcome new members for wider collaboration.

Membership benefits

An organization can become an Institutional member if it conforms to the following requirements:

  • An institution is a PRME signatory;
  • devoted to sustainable goals.

There is no institutional fee for becoming a Chapter member, but I order to be a PRME signator, please see the link.

PRME membership obligations: 

  • Timely payment of annual membership fee.
  • Active contribution to Chapter CEE.
  • Submit the SIP report every 24 months.
  • Regular communication and sharing information on changes in institution’s management or contact.

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Institutional membership procedure involves submission of an institutional membership application form, followed by the respective membership fee payment upon the receipt of an invoice from PRME. 

  • Timely payment of annual membership fee.
  • Active contribution to Chapter CEE.
  • Regular communication and sharing information on changes in institution’s management or contact.

Institutional membership procedure involves submission of an institutional membership application form, followed by the respective membership fee payment upon the receipt of the invoice from PRME. 

Registration form

Institutional membership benefits:

Receiving Chapter CEE shared publications free of charge:

  • conference materials;
  • reports;
  • case study collections;
  • access to lecture materials;
  • contributing with articles to quarterly  PRME Chapter CEE News (Greenleaf collection);
  • nominating faculty and staff members for PRME Chapter CEE Champion Awards (research, teaching, institution management, and responsible management education categories;
  • assistance in identifying potential partners of the network;
  • access to a committed international network of schools, management development institutions and corporations which care for the principle-driven business environment.

PRIME CEE Chapter Steering Committee

  • Mrs.Irina Sennikova, PRME Chapter CEE Chair, RISEBA University Rector and CEEMAN Vice – President.
  • Mrs. Olga Veligurska, CEEMAN Director.
  • Mr. Dusan Kucera, Associate Professor, University of Economics Prague.
  • Mr. Assylbek Nurgabdeshov, Dean of Faculty of General Education at Almaty Management University.
  • Mr. Mikolaj Pindelski, Assistant Professor, SGH Warsaw School of Economics.
  • Mr. Gabor Harangozo, Associate Professor Corvinus University of Budapest and Corvinus Business School.
  • Mrs. Irena Krzan, Project Manager for International Accreditations, Faculty of the Economics University of Ljubljana.

Main contact

Dr. Irina Sennikova, Rector, RISEBA University, PRME Chapter CEE Chair,

Julia Bulatova, PRME Chapter CEE coordinator:

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