RISEBA Golden Awards


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Due to present day modern technologies, shrinking boundaries and the keen societal focus on personal development and growth of oneself, we have lost many important aspects of life and touch with reality. Each of us has the opportunity to leave our mark in the present and change the future... Not only our own. The people around us, the world, environment and viewpoints. We are the ones that take action, we are the ones that care!

During the event, students, lecturers and employees will be congratulated, as well as RISEBA partners who have contributed to the University’s development and recognition.

Our goal is to promote positive utilization of energy and draw attention to what is happening beyond our personal boundaries. This year the theme of “RISEBA GOLDEN AWARDS” is "Because we care". This slogan is an approach to life we want to practice for ourselves and show others. It will resound throughout the entire award ceremony and is the main theme of "RISEBA GOLDEN AWARDS PHOTO AND VIDEO COMPETITION".

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1. Students’ friend of the year
2. University accomplishment of the year
3. RISEBA representative of the year
4. Student Council accomplishment of the year
5. Business Incubator team of the year 
6. Collaboration partner of the year 
7. RISEBA Alumni of the year
8. Nomination “Business meets art” 
9. RISEBA student of the year 
10. RISEBA employee of the year
11. RISEBA lecturer of the year
12. Nomination – investment in science
13. The project of the year

The festive RISEBA Golden Awards ceremony will take place on 13 December, 2018 at the Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6 Aistere Hall.

You can get acquainted with the regulations on RISEBA Golden Awards here.

Be prepared for “RISEBA GOLDEN AWARDS”!

RISEBA Student Council
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