Visa and residence permit

Visa and residence permit

Regulations on visas and residence permits for international students in Latvia vary depending on country of citizenship. Here are the basic guidelines for citizens of non-EU/EEA countries and citizens of EU/EEA.

EU/EEA stands for the European Union and the European Economic Area. If you are not sure if your country belongs to the EU/EEA, consult


Citizens of non-EU/EEA

ZemeStays of less than 3 months

If you are intending to stay in Latvia for less than three months, you will need a visa if the country that issues your passport is not on this list. If your country of citizenship is on the list, you generally can enter Latvia without a visa. You should also confirm possible visa requirements with the Latvian consulate or embassy responsible for your home country.

Stays of more than 3 months
If your studies in Latvia will last longer than three months, you will need a residence permit before coming to Latvia. 

To be eligible to apply for a residence permit for studies in RISEBA, you must have been admitted to the full-time study programme. This includes paying the first year tuition fee for studies.

To apply for a residence permit for studies, you will need to:

1. Submit the online application 
2. Pay the application fee, currently EUR 190
3. Pay your first-year tuition fee instalment
4. Prepare your supporting documentation. This includes copies of your passport, letter of admission as well as proving that you can support yourself financially during your time as a student in Latvia. 
See requested document checklist.

Important! The waiting time for a residence permit for studies might take up to two months, so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible after receiving your notification of admission.

Visit the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affair's website for full details on applying for a residence permit for studies. Contact the Migration Board directly with questions regarding your residence permit application.

Contact RISEBA Admissions team for visa support and related questions.

Citizens of EU/EEA and Switzerland

EiropaCitizens of EU/EEA have the right to reside in Latvia without a residence permit or visa, while they have to apply for a registration card in the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.