Apply for the "ASBBMC 2022" Doctoral Student Pre-conference until May 25

"RISEBA" University of Applied Sciences and BA School of Business and Finance and is inviting you to the Doctoral Student Pre-conference ( on June 1, 2022). The event aims at providing a great learning opportunity and a networking pladotform for doctoral students and young researchers.

Who Should Attend? 

Doctoral students and emerging researchers. (For  students of  "RISEBA" University of Applied Sciences and BA School of Business and Finance,  the conference is free of charge.)

How To Attend? 

The Pre-Conference will be offered as an in-person or hybrid event prior to the ASBBMC 2022 conference.


  1. Learn tips and tricks for all stages of researches (schedule here!);
  2. Possibility to approbate research ideas in research community (certificate about presentation of the research proposal);
  3. Best proposal author’s will be invited to prepare publications for the proceedings and journals (See here!)

How To Apply? 

  1. Register for the conference in ASBBMC home page – for “Pre-conference”Click here! 
  2. If you would like to present the research idea in Workshop and receive the certificate for that: submit the research proposal/paper (in free form) or article canva.
  3. Research proposal (research papers or thesis) should be sent to the conference organisers by May 25th to e-mail: [email protected] (Subject: Application for Pre-conference workshop)
  4. Prepare presentation. The workshop participant will have 7 min to present their research idea, which will be followed by a 10 min discussion and questions addressed to the researcher related to their research idea.

For any questions you are welcome to contact  [email protected]