Emotional Self-Regulation


About the course

Joy, sadness, interest, anxiety, vigilance, anger, serenity – we experience these and other emotions regularly depending on external circumstances or mood. This is so natural – to feel and express emotions. However, sometimes certain emotions overtake our Being so strongly that we lose control, lose ourselves in these emotions. It can either be deep sadness and fury or sudden euphoria and excitement. All the emotions are important but equally important is the ability to manage them. The new “Emotional Self-Regulation” course of RISEBA University will help you develop this ability. 

During the course, you will understand how emotions emerge in you and in people around you. You will create the state of emotional stability and will support yourself as well as your loved ones. According to neuroscience, your mental health is primarily the affect, or emotional, health. 

The course “Emotional Self-Regulation” will help you to:

  • decrease the level of stress and strengthen your nervous system,
  • energise your body and increase work productivity,
  • ease anxiety and create positive vibe,
  • deal with consequences of COVID-19, if you experienced it. 

About the lecturer

We will use predominantly breathing techniques as well as physical and vocal practices under the guidance of Dr. Inna Kozlinska. Inna is an assistant professor at the University of Groningen, senior researcher at RISEBA University, certified instructor of express anti-stress techniques and Kundalini Yoga instructor, which she has been practicing since 2015. Inna is highly skilled in emotional regulation methods and gladly shares her experience with everyone who wants to be balanced and become ‘the best version of themselves’. Learn more about the lecturer HERE.

Technical information

The course is based on a pre-tested methodology of improving the overall well-being and emotional health. The course consists of 10 practical classes.

Class time

The classes will take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 8:00 pm until 9.00 pm .


All the course participants who attended over ten practical classes will receive a certificate confirming the acquisition of basic emotional regulation techniques.


The course is taught in Latvian and Russian.

The course structure and schedule

Week Date Lesson topic Expected result
1 21/11 1.Breathing basics for emotional regulation
Theory: Science - about mental health.
  • You will feel how simple breathing techniques change your well-being and give you energy.
23/11 2. Express antistress
2 28/11 3. Freedom from worries
Theory: Managing emotional states
  • You will learn the principles of managing emotions.
30/11 4. Calming the mind
Theory: Mindfulness Training Mechanisms
  • You will understand the relationship between the workings of the mind and emotions and how mental clarity is achieved through a state of consciousness and emotional balance.
3 05/12 5. Strengthening the nervous system
Theory: Nervous system control panel
  • You will learn how important it is to consciously control the work of the nervous system and learn techniques to strengthen it.
07/12* 6. Spine energy
Theory: Functions of the vagus nerve
  • You will improve the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which is related to memory functions; you will improve the flexibility of your spine and feel a couple of years younger.


7. Practice for the vagus nerve in the head, neck and chest
  • You will learn about the work of the main nerve of your body, how important it is to support its activity by regular rest. During this week of the course, you will perform sets of exercises for different parts of the body and organs affected by this nerve.
14/12* 8. Practice for the thoracic and abdominal parts of the vagus nerve
5 19/12 9. Anger management (guest lecturer)
  • You will understand why it is important to consciously regulate an emotion such as anger, and you will learn a meditation technique that is recognized as one of the most effective for neutralizing anger.
21/12 10. Development of inner silence (guest lecturer)
  • You will feel how much the state of inner silence is related to the state of happiness.

* This activity requires a rug and a soft pad to sit comfortably on.

The order of the lesson topics and practices may be slightly changed depending on the needs of the group.

Course fee

80 EUR +(PVN)including

  • 10 practice sessions, 60 minutes each, via ZOOM.
  • Support chat in Telegram – the space where you can share your practice results, ask questions and receive answers.
  • Course completion certificate. 
  • Video recordings

Course start: 21.11.2022

Application until: 20.11.2022



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