Emotional Self-Regulation

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About the course

Joy, sadness, interest, anxiety, vigilance, anger, serenity – we experience these and other emotions regularly depending on external circumstances or mood. This is so natural – to feel and express emotions. However, sometimes certain emotions overtake our Being so strongly that we lose control, lose ourselves in these emotions. It can either be deep sadness and fury or sudden euphoria and excitement. All the emotions are important but equally important is the ability to manage them. The new “Emotional Self-Regulation” course of RISEBA University will help you develop this ability. 

During the course, you will understand how emotions emerge in you and in people around you. You will create the state of emotional stability and will support yourself as well as your loved ones. According to neuroscience, your mental health is primarily the affect, or emotional, health. 

The course “Emotional Self-Regulation” will help you to:

  • decrease the level of stress and strengthen your nervous system,
  • energise your body and increase work productivity,
  • ease anxiety and create positive vibe,
  • deal with consequences of COVID-19, if you experienced it. 

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