Guest lectures

April is filled with interesting and valuable events!
RISEBA Career Days introduces the list of guest lectures, master classes
and RISEBA Career Day events. All events are open to everyone!

Up-to-date information can be found here and on FB page RISEBA Career Days.

5th April


On 5 April, at 16.00 pm, RISEBA University (3 Meža St., 25th auditory) will organize an open guest lecture about event organization. The lecture will be led by event organizer, stage designer and stage producer, a representative and manager of various artists - Gee Ilze Eriņa ( known as Gee between event organizers, artists and art professionals).

During the lecture “Seven basic principles of event organization” Gee will share her experience of 28 years in fashion, art and music projects in Latvia, Russia, and Europe and around the world.

She will talk about the nuances of:

- planning,
- idea implementation,
- teamwork,
- event presentation,
- the scenario.
You will be able to find out
- about decision making,
- the conditions and factors influencing the work,
- about technical details,
- as well as find out about organizational point of view of certain well-known events,
- and get answers to questions you care about.
Gee Team Production is a company engaged in full service backstage and stage production fashion, art, music, festivals, catering, transportation etc.)

More information about Gee Team Production projects:

Event page on FB.


RKD lama

Guest lecture „Emotional intelligence in the lesson of Bon” will be led by Khenpo Arta Lama Rinpoche. Lecture will be organized at RISEBA University of business, arts and technology, 3 Meza St., Room 25 (round building in the backyard), at 18:00 pm. Language of the lecture: Russian/Tibetan.





















11th April


Time: 11 April, 17:00 - 19:00 pm

Place: RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology, 3 Meza St., Room 25 (round building in the backyard)

Language of the lecture: Latvian

Title: Crowdfunding platform "" as a real opportunity for idea implementation.  Case study of the movie “Criminal Excellency Fund”

Registration is mandatory.

Spokespersons: Māris Cīrulis, manager of the crowdfunding platform

 Edgars Ražinskis, representative of the movie “Criminal Excellency Fund”


16:45 – 17:00 Arrival, registration

17:00 – 18:00 Māris Cīrulis will introduce us to the crowdfunding platform “” and its opportunities.

You will find out:

- What is the so-called crowd or collective funding?

- Collective financing platforms in Latvia and in the world.

- How to submit a project?

- What are project publishing conditions of “”?

- What are the most common mistakes when submitting a project?

- What are the rules of financing and project implementation?

18:05 - 19:00 case study: an example of the movie “Criminal Excellency Fund”

After crowdfunding theories and practical advices, let's take a look at one good practice example. The Latvian criminal comedy “Criminal Excellency Fund” got its financial boost thanks to the opportunity offered by the crowfunding platform and the public support.  CEF team created one of the funniest Latvian movies and it is seen by more than 50,000 viewers in Latvia, with an endless number of positive reviews.

You will find out:

• Where did the idea about this movie begin?

• Why exactly “”?

• How did the fundraising process work?

• Some thoughts about the opportunities that are provided by; ability to achieve huge results with very limited resources.  

Attention! Guest lecture attendees will be able to witness an exclusive video material of the movie. Please register for the lecture,  as the number of seats is limited!

12th April

RKD Andris Arhomkins


Come and find out how to turn your favorite occupation into a successful career and find your true vocation!

During Career Days 2018, RISEBA University and "Start Strong" invites everyone to the seminar on 12 April at 15.30 - 18.30, 3 Meža St., room 102.

The event will be held in Russian.

Registration is mandatory.

Career development seminar/workshop “My Calling” will inspire you to turn your favorite occupation into a successful career.  The seminar will be led by personality and career development coach Andris Arhomkins.

Suggestions, initiatives and methods. What do you really want to achieve? How to set goals? How to move on to them? How to get confidence? How to start and build your career?

"Start Strong" is an interactive career, business and personality development training, which is presented in a simple and comprehensible way by business people, diplomats, public relations, recruitment and other professionals.








19th April

RKD Krongorns


Informal Insight guest lecture by RISEBA alumni Sigvards Krongorns
Title: Creating a „start-up”- The real story


19 April


3 Meza St., Room 25 (round building in the backyard)


18:oo – 19:oo
Language: English
During the lecture you will find out
What is a "startup"?
Why is it so special?

"The Story" of Castprint - Life of a startup. Every startup goes through various stages of development (idea, first prototype, first challenges, team creation, first customers, etc.). During the lecture, Sigvards will share CastPrint's journey and how did they get where they are now.

Even though every startup has their own "story", 5 key lessons were learned during the first 1.5 years of CastPrint. Come to the lecture and find out what those 5 key lessons are, including some revelations about the things that Sigvards would like to have known before he jumped into start-up world!