The changing role of art In society: performance-lecture By Maureen Fleming (USA)

Location: RISEBA H2O6 Centre for Architecture and Media, Large Hall

This one-hour presentation geared to third-level comprises excerpts of Fleming’s repertoire. The excerpts are presented with intermittent projected videos and narratives that deal with the philosophical underpinnings of Fleming’s work and process and its relationship to the changing role of art in society. The presentation was developed and presented for the Juilliard School Dance Division.

Choreographer and performance artist (Fulbright Specialist) Maureen Fleming invents surreal movement poetry with the discipline of a classicist and the imagination of an iconoclast. She is renowned for her original form of visual theatre. According to The New York Times, “she seemed to transcend the material world and enter a realm of pure spirit…wondrous choreographic metamorphosis.” Her works have received international acclaim at prestigious international festivals in Italy, Japan, Iceland, France, Colombia, Korea, Brazil, and the US. She has received numerous fellowships from around the world. Some of her evening-length works include collaborations with playwright David Henry Hwang, composer Philip Glass and light and visual designer Christopher Odo. Fleming’s evening-length work B. Madonna will be presented in the Riga Performance Festival: Starptelpa in June 2019.  For more information, visit

Maureen Fleming