Charity event “Back to school”

The well-known phrase "Back to school" can create different emotions in children - more or less joy to return to the school bench and meet their friends again.
However, for many children, the beginning of the new school year is a great stress and experience, because their parents do not have the opportunity to provide school bags and stationery necessary for studies.
On behalf of RISEBA University, we believe that together we can do a lot - this is proven by the Christmas charity campaign, Donor Days and support for various animal aid societies, so we believe that this year too we will be able to unite to make September 1st more beautiful for several children.
 We invite you to help provide school bags and stationery for children from poor families. You can get the list of necessary things below:

  • Note books
  • Pens
  • Colored and white a4 and a3 sheets
  • Color pencils
  • School bags
  • Sports bags
  • Chalks
  • Water colors
  • And other useful things for students

If you have the opportunity to help with any materials, please contact the responsible person Zane Raščevska.

Thank you!

Back to school