Distance learning


If you would like to pursue a degree from a university abroad but cannot leave your home, distance-learning programmes are a great option.
Studies show that the results of distance learning are not inferior or even superior to traditional forms of education and you receive the same internationally recognized diploma. Distance learning students study most of the learning material on their own. This improves the memorization and understanding of topics learned. And the ability to immediately apply the knowledge in practice at work helps to consolidate it. In addition, the use of the latest technology in the learning process makes it more interesting and lively.

Students can study without leaving their home or office, anywhere in the world. To start learning, you must have a computer with internet access or at least access to it occasionally. Absence of the need to attend an educational institution every day is a definite advantage.

With RISEBA you will be able:
-    Opportunity to learn at any time
-    Opportunity to study at your own pace
-    Enjoy mobility - download study materials and study anywhere
-    Save money on printed study materials, books, travel expenses etc.
-    Receive individual approach
-    Opportunity to receive online consultations from professors
-    Truly international environment and classmates form around the world
-    Possibility to communicate in English with your classmates from other countries and exchange knowledge, opinions and experiences with them
-    Belonging to the international group of students with possibility to see everyone face to face

An accredited degree from a European university can be a great advantage in your career and on the job market. With RISEBA diploma you will be able to find well paid and respectable job position in any European country.
RISEBA is European university offering English-taught online degrees to international students:
-    Bachelor programmes
-    Master programmes

What will happen, when you apply:
-    You will receive access to RISEBA learning site with all the needed study materials. You will be able to download them, if you want to, to study offline in your own time and pace.
-    You will participate in online introductory lecture, where you will be introduced to the course of studies, as well as to your classmates
-    You will be assigned to curator, who will help you throughout all the study process, assist you with study questions, organize formal and informal events, help you to find necessary contacts etc.
-    You will be connected to online group, where you will be able to communicate with your international classmates anytime and about everything

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