European Business studies student Laura Dauginoviča, earns 2nd place in the CIDD double degree scholarship competition

In the CIDD (Consortium of International Double Degree) annual double degree scholarship competition, the CIDD Council selected five double degree students for the award and RISEBA student Laura Dauginoviča won the high 2nd place.

To apply for the competition, 3 criteria were set:

  • Letter of motivation;
  • Letter of recommendation from the university where the student is studying;
  • Youtube video for public viewing for 3 minutes. 

What is CIDD?

CIDD was created in 2000 by a group of higher education institutions as a non-profit organization in order to adopt and promote the Double Degree concept within the Business school community. The CIDD aims to boost collaboration between business universities to improve international business education and research. As well as improving student and teacher mobility, and working to develop quality double degree programs.

What is double degree?

A double-degree program is a specific study path established between two universities, usually located in two different countries, which allows a student to earn two official degrees upon completion of the program, as long as the specific requirements set for the program are met. Double-degree programs can be found at undergraduate, at postgraduate level, or can be articulated in such a way as to offer the opportunity to earn both an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree at the end of the study path.

Double degrees are considered to provide graduates with a competitive advantage on the labour market and to allow greater work mobility across countries, making it easier for employers to compare national qualifications.


Watch Lauras Dauginovičas video:

Laura Dauginoviča