Extended application for Erasmus+ and Double Degree studies in the spring

Applications for ERASMUS+ and Double Degree are now open for Spring Semester 2021/2022.

To participate in the exchange mobility, you need to: 

1.) Fill out the online Google form HERE.

2.) Fill in the application form HERE, print it out, sign it and send it to anna.pilsuma@riseba.lv

3.) Write and submit a motivation letter (approximate 1 A4 page or less).  

All documents must be submitted to Anna Greta Pilsuma, Erasmus+ and Double Degree Student Coordinator by e-mail anna.pilsuma@riseba.lv, by 23.09.2021.  

Application deadline: 30.09.2021.

Results will be announced within two weeks.

Who can apply?

Please note that only full-time and part-time Bachelor students (after 1st year of studies) and Master students (after 1st semester of studies), can apply for the scholarship.   

Students will be selected according to the following criteria:  

  • Average mark 7 and above;  
  • No academic and financial debts;  
  • English language proficiency. 


This study year RISEBA Business Psychology 2nd year students Kārlis Eduards Štamers and Kristers Rudzeišs (photo) went to the Erasmus+ exchange programme to study in Italy. Find out HERE how they are doing there!

  Kārlis un Kristers  
Kārlis un Kristers