Golden Awards 2019

This year we continue the tradition started three years ago, organizing the ceremony "RISEBA GOLDEN AWARDS", which honors students, teachers, employees, as well as RISEBA partners, who have contributed to the development and recognition of the University. 

The award ceremony “RISEBA Golden Awards " will be held on 18th of December, in RISEBA H2O 6 quarter 18.00 (entrance with invitations starting from 17.30)

You can nominate your colleagues, events un successes here.

You can nominate in 12 categories:
Students' friend of the year
RISEBA achievement of the year
RISEBA ambassador of the year
Student Councils person of the year
Business incubator's achievement of the year
RISEBA partner of the year
RISEBA Alumnus of the year
“Business Meets Art” nomination of the year
RISEBA student of the year
RISEBA employee of the year
RISEBA academic of the year
Research of the year

Also, we invite you to submit your creative work in the photo / video contest category by submitting them in the specified format, according to the topic “EMPATHY” and sending it to Student Council email adress: [email protected]. Please read the full regulations on the contest here-

Entrance with invitation only!

golden awards