Introducing the lecturers of the master's programme "Sports Management"

Admission to the latest RISEBA master's study programme Sports Management has begun. It is an opportunity to learn modern management from excellent lectors and sports industry experts.

The strategic goal of the new study programme is to increase the performance of sports management in Latvia and internationally, to develop its global economic competitiveness in the context of Europe and the global economy.

"Sports Management" is a modular program, it also includes students' individual research work. The program has been developed in consultation and cooperation with the Latvian State Olympic Committee, sports associations and federations and similar study programmes abroad.

The programme is implemented by academic staff with experience in both teaching and international research, as well as guest lecturers and teachers who are involved in strategy development, decision-making and implementation in sports federations and institutions.

Studies are conducted in English.



Edgars Šneps

Lecturer in the course "Investment and sponsorship in sports"

Edgars Šneps

The former Latvian basketball player, now a functionary, has played in the position of striker, has been a member of the Latvian basketball team, and has become the champion of Latvia 4 times.

He was the director of the Latvian national men's basketball team, the Deputy State Secretary for Sports of the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, the vice-president of the Latvian Basketball Association, later the Secretary General, and since 2014 a member of the Board of FIBE Europe.

Agita Ābele

Professor, courses "Ethics in Sports Organization", "Sports Psychology", "Emotional Intelligence"

Agita Ābele

She has been a Latvian champion in figure skating, a coach for children and youth in figure skating, has been an assistant professor at the Latvian Academy of Sports and Pedagogy, and the author of several scientific publications and monographs. Works in the Latvian Association of Sports Psychology and the Latvian Skating Association. Ābele is the only top level judge of the International Skating Union (ISU) in Latvia.

Ivars Godmanis

Professor, course "Risk Management in Sport"

Ivars Godmanis

He was the head of the first government after the restoration of Latvia's independence, the Prime Minister, a minister in several governments, and a member of the Latvian Parliament and the European Parliament. Physicist, financier, lecturer at RISEBA and director of the master's study program "Big Data Analytics".

Sports management

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