Introducing our lecturer: Andis Kublacovs, guest lector of the postgraduate programme Architecture

PhDc Geogr. Andis Kublacovs

Andis Kublačovs is the chairman of the board of the Latvian Association of Spatial Planners and member of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP).

He has graduated from the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences of the University of Latvia and holds PhD candidate degree in geography. He has gained additional skills and knowledge in urban planning, transport planning and infrastructure development in diverse educational institutions abroad (Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Republic of China (Taiwan), the US and the Netherlands).

He has gained remarkable experience in urban planning and project management working for public administration (City Development Department of Riga City Council), consulting Ministry for Regional Development and Local Governments, having been employed as academic staff (the University of Latvia, "RISEBA" University of Business, Arts and Technology) and in private business dealing with spatial planning projects (SIA “Reģionālo studiju centrs”, SIA “Metrum”, SIA “Aperta”).

Since 2012 he is the Project director at Linstow Baltic, Latvia – one of the leading commercial real estate companies in the Baltics. His key responsibility lies in the area of management of real-estate development projects and contribution to the company’s sustainability agenda.

What do students of RISEBA postgraduate programme “Architecture” learn at Kublacovs?

Course “Methodology for elaboration of town planning documents; professional and social aspects”. The course is designed for postgraduate students for to be able to evaluate critically the historical and contemporary town planning philosophies, concepts and methods, increasing their ability to work efficiently and critically with town planning tasks & projects in different social, political and economic contexts.

Winter intake in the postgraduate programme “Architecture” is currently underway. Apply here!

Andis Kublačovs

Andis Kublačovs