Latvian Culture Day

Latvian Culture Day for ERASMUS + and international students this semester will be held on 16th November, 2022.

Each country has its own set of culture, symbols and traditions that make it unique. With Latvia being located at the crossroads between Western and Eastern cultures, and has a vast history, it is clear that foreign nations have left significant footprints in Latvia.

Latvians continue to observe the traditions of their ancestors – culture embedded in Latvian folklore that is best experienced during the Summer Solstice or "Jani" holiday, and the impressive Song and Dance festivals, as well as through traditional crafts and handiwork, events organized by museums, and a lot of other activities.

If you will attend Latvian Culture Day we will tell you more about our traditions and taste of different foods and activities. 

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Latvian Evening 2022

Area: 64,589 km2

Declared: 18th November, 1918

Capital: Riga

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Latvian Evening 2022