A Moldovan student lives in Latvia with his wife and studies architecture at RISEBA

Adrian Busuioc, student of Master's study programme "Architecture"

I started studying architecture at the Technical University of Moldova. I came to Latvia in my third year of studies in order to build up relationships with my girlfriend (she's my wife now), work as a volunteer in christian community, and continue my studies of architecture.

To be honest, I never searched before that moment of studying in RISEBA, but as soon as the other universities didn't have opportunities for English programmes, I applied to RISEBA faculty of Architecture and Design.

Being a student in a free environment where even the layout of the building is set in an interconnecting way is giving you an opportunity of natural socialising with students from all the courses. I gained relationships and experience of working in a team. I learned how to do proper research, how to work in certain programs that are needed exactly for my professional development, and I was challenged enough to understand how complicated is the path I choose. 

After finishing my bachelor's I instantly got a job in an architectural office and I'm now studying for my master degree.

I would certainly advise RISEBA to any student or friend, not as a perfect school, but as the one that is heading towards progress, to internationalism and modernism, I appreciated that. My suggestion to the ones who plan to study in RISEBA would be to consider their self-learning skills, because in the end you're the one who shapes yourself. 


Winter admission to Adriana's master's program "Architecture" takes place until January 16

Adrians Busuiocs