Clustering Creativity

clustering_creativity.jpgDespite of rising new media study programs at higher education institutions, there is a gap between an education meeting the challenges of digital economy and emerging new creativity based business models and digital literacy in creative media.
The reason for this is lack of synergy between higher education institutions, online marketing professionals and students as future creators of new media products.  In order to cope with this lack of synergy there is a need to strengthen interaction between academia, business including SME's that needs creative solutions and effective online marketing; online marketing professionals that needs orders and creativity based solutions to experiment with new business models.  
The aim of the project is to stimulate synergy among universities, Internet marketing companies and students in order to empower Cultural and Creative Industries for the creation of jobs in new media market. 
In order to reach the aim, the following objectives will be met in the project:
1) To create international new media community integrating students as a new media creators, online marketing companies and educators in order to support faster employment of new technologies based business models. 
2) To prepare students to participate in the media community by strengthening their skills to create and market profitable media products, in order to full fill the emerging needs of SME’s and social business. 
3) To create an internet platform as a place for new media community to interact: for students to share ideas and media products and to develop entrepreneurial skills; for educators to support students and to establish the possibility for students practice in the work world; for internet marketing companies to stimulate the usage of new advertising technologies; for other SME’s and social business to get more affordable media products. 
4) To create the conditions for new media students during their studies in higher education institution to acquire recognized by business knowledge and skills of media production and marketing including advanced internet advertising and sales technologies needed in contemporary business market.
The main beneficiaries of the project: 200 students will study the online marketing module (Q1); 75 enterprise representatives from national seminars in project partners' countries and 100 conference members will be invited to become members of Creator Hub community and will be able to hire students in order to develop online marketing products, to learn from each other.
Community of creators will be developed in the Creators' hub (online integrated platform) that will be supported by students with improved digital skills gained in newly established online marketing module. This module will be created by teachers and partners from business and will integrate offline marketing theories with online marketing realities and specific digital skills. 

1. Internet based platform for new media community where students portfolios, product requests and job opportunities, and self studying e-learning materials for creators will be presented.  
2. Developed module of integrated new media production and marketing technologies for Bachelor level study programs that will be recognized by business professionals and fulfill the emerging market. Module will be tested in working with students internationally. 
Following longer term benefits will be achieved: new opportunities will be created for students - they will be able to gain new competencies including: how to collaborate and participate in business market by fulfilling the orders of small SME's and NGO and to earn money, as well as to develop entrepreneurial skills and to increase employment possibilities.    
Higher education institutions - will enhance the quality and relevance of the Creative and Cultural Industries' study programs offering expansion by contemporary online marketing issues and digital skills, supported by collaborating learning approaches. Training of students will develop new and innovative approaches including the best practices from business world and expanding them with academic approach. Also student will be ready to certify according business standards.  Created platform as an open educational resource OER) will provide students with an opportunity to enlarge the ways of entrance to CCI work world. 
Project will have results for digital economy as well, thus students will enter business market with higher competencies.