RISEBA Graduation 2022

Dear student, the long-awaited moment has come - RISEBA Graduation 2022!

Congratulations to all students who have successfully passed the final examinations and we invite you to honor us whit your presence at the RISEBA Graduation 2022!

Very soon, we will have the most anticipated event for each student!


Friday and Saturday, June 17, and June 18, 2022

What time?

At 14.00 ( entrance starting from 12:00) 


Durbes Street 4, Aistere Hall, H2O 6 Quarter 

At the graduation, we will welcome you and help you put on the robes, and during the event we will greet all the students, especially the holders of honorary diplomas and letters of commendation.

There will be a chance to take great photo shots at the university places of your choice and of course we will take care of the photo corner as well.

We will offer you champagne, as well as various delicious snacks and, of course, the opportunity to meet RISEBA teachers, as well as prepare a great musical surprise so that the graduation will always remain in your memories.


Information about the RISEBA Graduation:

  • Your relatives and friends are also welcome at the graduation!
  • In graduation we will be honoring all students who complete their studies and especially the holders of honorary diplomas and letters of commendation.
  • We invite you to attend the graduation from 12:00 to 13:00 to sign without a hurry to receive a diploma, as well as to dress up in ceremonial robes. Please note that after the event you will need to hand over the robe and sign for it.
  • In case the course wants to give a speech or say thanks at the graduation, please inform in advance by writing to [email protected]
  • If due to any circumstances you will not be able to attend graduation and receive a diploma, please contact the administrator of your study program by 06.06.2022 and agree on receiving a diploma individually.

RISEBA Graduation 2022


See you at the graduation!
Your university RISEBA


The public event will be photographed and filmed. Photo and video materials will be processed and used for publicity purposes. By being at the event site, you acknowledge that you have been informed and have no objection to being photographed, filmed and included in the audio and / or visual materials of the event review, which will be published in RISEBA and other informational channels.

The processing of information containing all personal data in the event will be used with the basic principles of personal data processing and confidentiality requirements specified in RISEBA internal documents.