RISEBA participates in the festival "Bizfests"

As a beautiful tradition in June, RISEBA employees and students participated in the entrepreneurs’ sports competitions, which this year became the Bizfests sports and leisure festival. On 14-16 June, a total of 48 companies formed their teams and took part in active and inspiring activities.

The participants competed in 13 different team sports and tournaments as well as in individual disciplines, in order to try and earn extra points for their team. Meanwhile, the youngest participants of the festival could test their skills, participating in the Children's Cup and various creative and educational activities.

Also this year, the efforts were worthwhile, with the RISEBA team reaching 2nd place in the dodgeball competition, 3rd place in the tennis competition and a high 14th place in the final rankings. Also, the youngest members of the RISEBA team really proved themselves, winning several awards in the Children's Cup.

RISEBA highly values family values, which was proven again this year, with the receiving of the “Family Friendly” status, granted by the Ministry of Welfare. In order to strengthen their family relationships, every year we invite not only RISEBA students and staff but also their relatives and friends to participate in the yearly sports competition. It is an excellent opportunity to spend more time together, enjoying leisure in nature and drawing inspiration and energy, whilst also joining in a variety of exciting disciplines relating to dexterity, precision and cognition.

This is the 7th consecutive year that this event has been organised by the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Information about the festival: http://uznemejuspeles.lv/


Uzņēmēju sporta spēles
Uzņēmēju sporta spēles
Uzņēmēju sporta spēles
Uzņēmēju sporta spēles