RISEBA University has decided to organize studies and work remotely during the Christmas and New Year celebrations

RISEBA University students and teaching staff, as well as all employees, are invited to work remotely during Christmas and the New Year - from December 19, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

During the mentioned time period, we invite you to study and work remotely, spend time with family and friends, which is so important during the holidays, as well as enjoy recreation in the fresh air, relax, gather strength and strengthen immunity. On the other hand, RISEBA University will reduce the air temperature in the rooms and use only critically necessary lighting, as well as carry out other energy-saving activities, in order to reduce the energy consumption to a minimum.

Thinking about sustainability, the university RISEBA already implements and will continue to implement various measures to save energy resources, so far we have reduced electricity consumption by saving lighting in common rooms and we invite students and employees to think about lighting during daylight hours not only at the university, but also in their households. An important aspect is also the use of office electrical equipment and a rational approach to its use during work, evaluating its need in each work room and leaving it in standby mode during any absence. Perhaps this has caused a change in the daily habits of employees and students, but it has not brought the expected results. RISEBA University notes that cost-saving measures will not be taken at the expense of visitors' comfort.

Energy is the cornerstone of human evolution. Most of our energy, about 86%, comes from non-renewable sources, but worldwide energy consumption is growing rapidly every year. This situation forces each of us to think about the importance of energy in our everyday life and certainly brings results in the implementation of energy saving measures.

Despite the fact that several higher education institutions have decided to work remotely even until April 2023, the RISEBA university will wait for students and employees to return to the usual study and work mode starting from January 9, in order to ensure the quality of studies and the advantages of face-to-face studies.

Wishing you a happy holiday, the administration of the RISEBA university.



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