“SARAUJ 2019”

Table and sport games festival “SARAUJ 2019” welcomes all pupils from 1st – 12th grade to take part; entrance – FREE OF CHARGE.

16th of November union Latvian table hockey federation is welcoming families with kids and teenagers, to take part in a massive table hockey and sports game festival “SARAUJ 2019”, which is free of charge and will take place in Skonto Halle, Riga.

Last year “SARAUJ 2018” attracted 3`000 participants, however this year the organizers hope to double or even triple the number of participants by providing even more wide selection of table games, sports and leisure activities.
It will be possible to visit the festival throughout the whole day from 10.00 – 18.00 with the family, alone or with friends, it`s up to you! Pupils and youngsters will be able to train their agility and brain as well as competing amongst themselves in different sports and games like – table hockey, ice – hockey, football, 3on3 basketball, judo, u-shu, pool, skateboard, rope pulling, sports yoga, cheerleader sports, novus, tennis, table tennis, darts, badminton, laccrose, balance boards, fliiper, table games, checkers, box-hockey, ufo-golf. For smaller kids there will be children playing area.

During the sports festival there will be a get-to-know competition in table hockey organized by union Latvian table hockey federation, it will be led by the Latvian national table hockey team`s players. The main referee is former world champion in table hockey – Atis Sīlis. The best players will receive diplomas and free of charge invitations to the most prestigious world tour table hockey competition “Riga Cup”, it will take place on 30th November in Rīgas Kultūru vidusskola.

Table hockey get-to-know games will be played on 140 table hockey games which will be divided in 28 playing areas. Eleven players in all the areas simultaneously will play round robin, they will be supervised by players from Latvian Nation table hockey team or by experienced table hockey players.

“I am organizing this festival, because I want to widen pupil`s window of vision in different sports and to introduce them with table hockey as professional sport. Table and sport games festival is fun and quality way to spend the leisure time, that`s why organizing the event is satisfying. Very possible that many pupils will find their virtue of life here,” tells “SARAUJ 2019” main organizer and co-founder, former world champion in table hockey Atis Sīlis.

In addition to the great selection of games people will be pleased with stands of “APSARA”, “A.Zariņa Zīmogu Fabrika”, “Hypertown Rix”, “Pūre Chocolate”, RISEBA, Riga Municipal Police and “Tallink”, where different activities, tastings and loterries will take place.

Entry in the festival is free of charge. Each participant will receive a small gift from our festival supporters. We very much welcome all school pupils from 1st – 12th grade together with their friends, brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents.
Adress: Skonto Halle, E.Melngaiļa ielā 1A, Rīga. More information www.sarauj19.lv. Event is organized by Union Latvian table hockey federation (www.galdahokejs.lv).

Supporters: “Apsara”, “A. Zariņa Zīmogu Fabrika”, BB – Baltijas Balss, “Bella Happy”, “Cēsu alus”, “Chupa Chups”, DELFI, “Huawei”, “Jānis Roze”, “Ķekavas avots”, Latvian radio,
Ministry of Education of the Republic of Latvia, “Mammam.lv”, “Maxima”, MENTOS, “Nano.lv”, “pupumaiss.lv”, “Pure Chocolate”, RISEBA, Riga city council education, sports and culture department, “STENDERS”, STIGA, “Sportacentrs.com”, “SWH Radio” un “Tallink”.

More information for media:
Atis Sīlis
“Sarauj 2019” main organizer and refferee
Cell phone.: +(371) 22348582
E-mail: [email protected]